FOR Performing artists WITH ATTITUDE

Learn to BELIEVE in yourself,

say GOODBYE to your starving artist

and find the courage to take ACTION


To be successful as an Performing Artist, you have to treat your talent like a business. 


Your talent is your WEALTH!

Your creativity has VALUE.


Your attitude about your VALUE as an Artist and the VALUE of what you create has everything-- and I mean EVERYthing -- to do with how much attention you get and how much CASH you make with your talent.

Get Your BIG BREAK! IS for

performing Artists with Attitude

  • Created exclusively for Performing Artists -- to shake you into understanding that your TALENT really is the source of your WEALTH

  • Get your subconscious mind on the same page with your ambition and dreams -- or spin your wheels for way too long

  • Deal with fears, regrets and doubts and learn how to turn them around to become your best allies

  • Blow the dust off your dreams and blow your mind with positivity

  • Never be scared again to promote yourself and your talent



  • You don't truly believe you can make it as a big name in your field

  • You often sigh regretfully and say, "There's no money in this business"

  • You're tired of people treating your creative work as just a hobby -- it's your PASSION! 

  • You don't feel confident talking about and promoting yourself as a Performing Artist

It’s so worth it, Pam is great to work with! Double Gratitude: I was feeling grateful for my lovely Coach yesterday, who encouraged me not to sell myself short — and this morning, my clients paid me double what I requested, saying, ‘don’t sell yourself short, you’re worth more than that!’ Thank you Pam!
— Peggy Terhune, Choreographer / Dance Teacher

Get Your Big Break Today!

Hey there, I'm Pamela C Wills!


Great meeting you! Did you know that I'm here to help you tap into your most confident self so you can reach the stars?? True! I teach awesome overachievers just like you how to successfully embrace your inner BADASS with confidence, navigate MEGA-opportunities and serious risk-taking with ease so you can take your life and talents to the next level. My programs and services are designed to help you level up and make ginormous leaps with the creative passions that you just can't live without.

rave reviews

I always learn something from you, Pam. We love you!
— Joey Spampinato, Musician & Founding Member of NRBQ
AWESOME, Pam! The way you frame everything is so energizing and motivating. I especially liked the part about concentrating on your faith & your confidence instead of your fears. I am putting that into practice starting NOW. My new favorite quote: ‘So f-ing what??’ <3 Thank you!
— Emily Wade Adams, Singer/Actress
Pamela, thank you so much for all that you did for ‘A Christmas Carol’! I appreciate it more than I have words to say! You are awesome!
— Neil McGarry, Actor
Pam pushed me to achieve more than I expected from myself, helping me specifically with confidence. She is an excellent teacher (and choreographer)... and a lovely person! I would definitely recommend working with her!
— Tom Tracy, Musician & Singer/Songwriter

What you get:

THREE lessons including MP3 AUDIOs + PDF WORKBOOKs -- targeted training for Performing Artists

Lesson One: BELIEVE

*** You have to believe in your talent to make a living with it


  • Fears and faith affect your bottom line

  • FEAR Doubt and Worry are like the Bermuda Triangle

  • Fear is just a word

  • Believe and OWN your Performing Artist self

  • Focus on the positive, ditch the negative

  • Let go of fear completely

  • Forget about Plan B

  • Why this step is so important: Without FAITH you will spin your wheels forever. Fear, doubt and worry kill dreams, let them go


Lesson Two:

Goodbye Starving Artist

*** You must turn ALL your negatives into positives to keep moving on


  • Negative self-talk can be incredibly damaging to your self- esteem

  • When you continually tell yourself you're no good, eventually you BELIEVE it!

  • This works the same way in REVERSE: You can change your "self-talk" and be your own BEST FRIEND instead of your worst enemy

  • Negativity affects our ability to make money in profound ways

  • Releasing negative money blocks creates essential shifts in how you make bank

  • Why this is so important: Positivity and high self-esteem are KEY to unlocking your desires


Lesson Three: Have Courage, Take Action

*** You must take action and get yourself and your work OUT THERE


  • Without action you will get nowhere -- break out of paralysis
  • Promoting yourself and your creative work is essential to success
  • How to build confidence with every accomplishment
  • Get organized about running your art like a business: If you keep treating it like a hobby, everyone else will, too
  • Calendar/scheduling and marketing tips
  • Why this is so important: Treat your art like a business, not a hobby in order to succeed


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Get Your Big Break, you deserve it!