10 Easy Ways to Flex Your Change Muscle TODAY

Here are a few ideas to help move and shake you out of that comfortably numb state we all slide into now and then... Try a few! 1) Get up on the opposite side of the bed

2) Brush your teeth with the other hand

3) Wear a different color than usual (shirt, earrings, lipstick, socks, even pj’s!)

4) Take a different route to work

5) Try a bite of something you’ve never eaten before

6) Look up a new word in the dictionary and use it in conversation as often as possible during the day

7) Have a salad for dinner if you normally eat meat and potatoes -- or the reverse if you normally have a salad

8) Read instead of watching TV

9) Take a walk or do some other physical activity for 20 to 30 minutes WITHOUT music or TV or reading materials to distract you -- give your mind some space to just BE

10) Call a friend -- don’t use email or Facebook, call!

Do at least three of these things TODAY and see how you feel... pay attention, you might just come up with your next big idea!


1) Write a poem

2) Move your furniture around

3) Create a mind map (a free-form diagram) of something that’s on your mind or a project you want to complete

Good luck and have fun!