10 Simple Ways to Market Your Art

So, now that you're thinking about your art more like a business, less like a hobby, you're going to have to think about MARKETING that business.


Every single person who owns and operates a small business -- that includes both of us, my friend -- is also in the business of marketing. We have to promote what we do. Otherwise, no one will know or care about what we do! Sad but true. 

Here's the thing: It's not rocket science. There is nothing to be afraid of. Like anything, marketing and promoting your work just takes research and consistent practice. Right here, right now I'm GIFTING you 10 ways to get the job done:

1) Set up as many social media profiles as you can reasonably expect to juggle in any given week. If you took my Social Media Rock Stars 101 class, you already have an excellent idea of how to manage the basics. (If you missed that class, I'll be opening a new group very soon, watch for it!)

2) USE your social media! Yes, you will have to actually post and interact with other humans... And then talk about anything that interests you. The more your fans and followers get to know the real you, the better. Truly!

3) Be consistent with your profile picture across all your social media. Put the same pic on your business card! Get people recognizing your face.

4) Speaking of business cards... Get some! Your name, telephone and email address in a simple black font below your black and white picture is more than sufficient. Set aside the $25 and get them printed at Vistaprint or Zazzle or Staples. Just do it.

5) Offer your current fans and clients something extra special that no one else gets, like a free item, an extra item or some special VIP time with you.

6) Offer your new or potential fans and clients something different to entice them to follow you, like a video, a free goodie or a recorded peek into your life and/or work.

7) Get out and network in person, too. Gallery hop. Go to gigs. Attend book signings and readings. Check fashion shows and magazine launches. Get invites to any events you can and GO! Meet people, talk to people, find out what's happening in your industry and tell people about what you do.

8) Offer to partner with Artists you respect. Brainstorm project ideas. Offer to take the lead with organizational duties if that's your thing. Find fresh ways to present yourself and your art.

9) Contact your local media and tell them what you're up to. Radio, TV, print all need stories to report on. Lots of people get press, why shouldn't you?? All it takes is persistence.

10) Oh! Have I mentioned?... TALK ABOUT yourself and your work! As much as possible. To everyone. All. The. Time.

I know, I know, if you haven't done any marketing before, it can feel like a real drag. Luckily, I'm now also offering Promotional Services on an hourly basis. It's such an important service that I booked an Artist client before I even launched it officially!!!

At the moment, I'm taking a limited number of promo clients, so hit reply to talk about this essential service with me ASAP and reserve your spot!

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