10 Tons of Fun

As creative business entrepreneurs (yep, that's us!), it's important that we make time to take stock of income and expenses, returns on investments, website analytics and all that jazz, for sure. We need to know how well our efforts are translating into sales, right?


Here's the thing though: We also need PLAYtime, FUN time, do NOTHING down time. Otherwise we just burn out! Burnout is NO fun at all. Nothing good comes from burnout. Certainly nothing creative.

How do we avoid burnout?

Take time to PLAY, goof off and do nothing!

That means NO shoulds, NO have tos, NO to-do lists, NO supposed tos. Just down time, time for us to chillax and recharge our batteries.

I'm not talking about vacations to Hawaii here, just plain old DAYS OFF. Remember those??

I know all you overachieving multitalents like to work work work but come on, let's play! Live a little! Replenish those creative juices!

Listen, I am giving you permission here. Take advantage!

Very few of you sent me your play lists last time so I'm guessing there's not a lot of playing going on. Let's fix that! I have some replenishing Time Off ideas for you to play with... 

Like in a coloring book! Coloring has the same calming effects as meditation, according to recent studies. And it's perfect for creatives like us! Try the Colorfy app on your iPhone, it's the coolest!

Dance moments are the BEST. Turn up the volume, get off your butt and jam out! Spontaneous improv freestyle dancing helps prevent Alzheimer's disease, so it keeps your butt AND your brain fit! 

3) Play Games
How about a game of Twister?? Sorry? Checkers? Capture the Flag? Hopscotch? Gather your friends and/or family and have a game night. Summer is the perfect time for this, you could even play croquet or bocci or horseshoes! Play being the operative word. ;)

4) Make Something New
Create something outside of your actual talents. Musicians, try painting. Artists, try floral arrangements. Writers, try baking cookies. Designers, get messy with some finger paints. Whatever you choose, let it stretch your skills and your imagination. Oodles of fun!

5) Build Something
Sandcastles, Lego towers, card houses, pillow forts, Lincoln log houses, puzzles, s'mores... Oh wait, that's cooking =D

6) Blow Bubbles
Big soapy ones. Get a giant bubble wand and run around the yard with giant bubbles trailing behind you. Why not??

7) Make Silly Videos
Kids do this all the time with SnapChat and YouTube. The results are hilarious. Grab your bestie and play pretend or play dress up, talk in weird voices, make a scary movie trailer. You might find you're a genius film director!

8) Take a Nap
Because sometimes, the only real refresher is extra snooze time.

9) Take a Walk
On the beach, through the park, around the block, it doesn't matter. Look for yellow things, or sparkly things, or people with hats. Make it a game, count how many things you find and give yourself a prize when you get home.

10) Give Yourself a Prize
Just because! You work so freekin' hard all the time, you deserve a reward now and then! Mani/pedi anyone?...

What's on YOUR Time Off list? Are you getting any chillax time? If not, let me know. I can help!

© 2015 Pamela C Wills, Int’l

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