100 Days...

This week, after pledging to help 100 people before the end of 2012 and hearing my daughter's excitement over the fact that Christmas is now less than 100 days away (eeeeek!!!), a small lightbulb went off over my head... As my good friend and very clever comedienne Melinda Gallant would say, a light dawned over Marblehead... mine! To wit:

There are just over 100 days left until the New Year of 2013 begins.

102, to be exact.  If you count today.  Which I am DEFINITELY counting.


Sounds like a lot.  No, actually, it doesn't sound like much at all.  Because it's not!!!

Okay so yeah, I went through a few minutes of crazy screechy panic inside my head when I realized this seemingly horrifying fact, I freely admit this to you, my loyal reader.

*holy crap*

And for a few moments, I confess I did cast about for excuses and blame targets and all manner of scapegoats to explain away my imagined lack of progress in several areas of my life up to this point in the year.


I am only human, after all.

But then, something kinda cool happened.

You know all that stuff I'm always telling you to practice and suggesting you consider and preaching at you to just DO about stuff like being positive?  About being nice to your Self and being thankful and all that jazz?

Yeah that.

Well, after those first couple of minutes of crazy screechy panic passed and I slowed down long enough to fill my lungs with a little smidge of oxygen, I realized that 1) this is certainly not the end of the world and 2) how this plays out depends ENTIRELY on how I react to it.



So this is what I did:

1)  I breathed in and out a few times, deeply and slowly, to clear my mind and ease the tension I'd started to feel.  Fresh oxygen works wonders.  (Thank you, yoga practice.)

2)  I nudged my Self to review all of the things I've accomplished and the fun I've had so far this year.  This exercise took a few minutes but was totally worth the time and effort.  By the time I was done, I had a nice long list of great stuff to be happy about.

3)  I wrote down all of that good stuff in my "Way to Go, Pam!" journal.  Because at the end of the year, I know I will really enjoy reviewing this list.

4)  I took a good hard look at the goals I had wanted to achieve in 2012 but haven't yet reached.  I didn't spend quite as long on this list but I did write down the ones that were still important to me and still undone.

5)  I decided on the top three goals that I haven't yet reached and recommitted to working on them with as much gusto as possible between today and December 31st, 2012.  And they are: 1) Help 100 people build confidence 2) Develop a daily exercise practice (preferably yoga) 3) Write an ebook about how to build courage, boost confidence and tap charisma

6)  I came here and told you all about it.  =)

7)  I decided to tell my fantabulous Business Coach, Ingrid Geronimo all about it, too!  Ingrid is the most amazing blend of spiritual guide, business guru and intuitive healer on the planet.  If you are struggling with your business or just want to work on your inner compass, call Ingrid NOW.  She is that good.

After hitting these seven points, I felt much much better about the year coming to a close.  I know it's all about how I react.  I know I can still finish strong.  AND I know, whatever the outcome, that whatever I manage to achieve will be exactly right.  Exactly enough.  At exactly the right time.

How about you?  How are you going to finish strong this year?

Want some ideas?  I can help.  Contact me.  Let's do this. ------------------- About Pamela

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