6 Fun Tips to Boost Your Business Confidence

I know that sometimes, all of us go through confidence low points. Sometimes, even the strongest business woman can get knocked back to passive by the slightest little thing. Too little sleep, too much caffeine, too little affection, too many hormones... Hey, that's life. So what's a smart cookie like you supposed to do?? How can you practice being more confident and acting like the leader you KNOW you really are?

Confidence in your abilities as a business woman seems like a completely different ballgame from feeling confident in what you actually deliver. I’ve been through this disconnect my Self in the past. Some days, I would feel super confident in my expertise as a coach, but still feel like I had no idea how to run my business! Usually this happened when I tried to speed up a learning curve about something technical or financial, like how to set up some complicated new thing on my website or figure out how to use Square! lol

Let me tell you this: My personal #1 Business Confidence Booster is PATIENCE.

patiencequotes Yep, I kid you not. Try it!

Just breathe and chill out for a minute. Breathe and remember that you are wearing many many hats! Breathe and understand that it is OKAY if you can only manage one thing at a time. Breathe and accept that mistakes are part of the learning process.

Okay. Now that you have started breathing again and sent some oxygen to your brain, I’ll give you a few more tips. =)

#2 Keep a Success Journal / Jar Easy peasy. Write down your successes. Read through them whenever you get the wind knocked out of you. Works every time!

#3 Fake it Till You Make it Feeling like a fraud?? Welcome to the Club!! We all go through a start up phase of wobbly legs and scrambled efforts. It takes time and it WILL get smoother. Just plant a smile on your face, be gracious, and do NOT make excuses or excessive apologies (think TMI). When you do screw up (and you will, we all do!), one simple apology will do. Then do your damnedest to put things right, even give a little something extra. A little sugar goes a looooong way.networking-guide-for-engineers

#4 Get Out There, Be Seen The more you network, the more people know about you and your product/service. It might be scary at first -- but the more you talk about your Self and what you have to offer, the easier it will get. Join groups, clubs, church, community theater, classes, whatever floats your boat. And talk about your stuff. A lot.

#5 Dress the Part You’ve heard this one before but it bears repeating. Dress like the person you WANT to be. Are you striving to be a personal stylist? Well, you’d best be dressing like one! Do you want to be approachable so that people will feel comfortable hiring you as a massage therapist? Then don’t show up at events wearing a grey suit like a banker. Wear the costume that fits your part. Dress appropriately.

self-hug #6 Love Your Self This could also be #1... But let’s leave it here and say, this is my Secret Weapon. As in NON NEGOTIABLE. You HAVE to love your Self if you are going to succeed in business AND life! It’s an ongoing project, for sure – but also an essential one. Do whatever you can to learn how to love your Self. ALL of your Self. The whole enchilada. Mind, body and soul. Personal and business. Every last toenail!

Okay, I think you get the picture.

Best of luck in your business ventures! You are going to be a huge success, I can tell!