6 Reasons to Hold Onto Your Dreams

balloongirlSome days, we just need the short list to remember our big WHY. Why am I chasing this dream, anyway? Why should I keep on getting up when I feel like all I do is fall down? WHY should I keep going when I could just cut my losses now?? Here are six very good reasons why:

1) You are not dead yet! beachjumpKeep hope alive and keep on moving. There is no need to stand still, stay stuck or let your Self become petrified or fossilized. Live a little! Follow your bliss! You never know what (or whom) you might find along the way.

2) It helps you age backwards. I kid you not. Look, if you want to stay stuck in a rut, good luck with that. If you want to age before your time, resist change, staying stuck is a foolproof recipe. But if you want to look young and feel even younger, all you have to do is reach ahead, let your Self grow and go with the flow. Oh and eat some dark chocolate. (It can't hurt!)

3) You will expand your limitations and horizons. Stretching your Self beyond your comfort zone builds confidence. See what you can achieve and see how good it feels when you do. Expand your vistas by taking tiny steps every day and pushing past your Self kitedreams imposed limitations. The bigger you dream, the bigger you will achieve.

4) Growing is good for you. Just like a plant only survives with new growth every spring, we also need to undergo regular growth. Just think: without new cells, we would die! In fact, our bodies produce a new liver and a new suit of skin roughly every six weeks! New growth is vital. Why not allow your mind to grow, too?

5) You can be a role model for others. Don't think anyone is watching what you do or how you do it? Check your kids. Your nieces and nephews. Your neighbors' kids. Random young adults. People young and old can spot a dreamer/doer from miles away. Dreams are magnets and they inspire dreaming in others. Just like a smile, you can pass a dream along. And you may never know how much of a positive impact you have on others. Just do it anyway. It will make you feel awesometastic.

6) Thoughts become things. They do. They really, truly do.

Here's a song for you to hang onto today:

Hold On Tight To Your Dreams by ELO