6 Reasons to Stop Suffering for Your Art

Are you addicted to suffering for your art? Attached to the idea that without drama, you won't be able to create drama? Sold on the notion that selling your work equals selling out? Determined to starve instead of thrive because that's what Artists DO??


Thankfully, my amazing clients do NOT think this way (not anymore, anyway!) but I hear this kind of nonsense from others faaaar too often. It's as if everyone thinks that suffering somehow equals credibility.


Creativity equals credibility.

Accomplishment equals credibility. 

CASH equals CRED.

You know I'm right.

Listen, I get that experience deepens our perspective and hard times give our work richness and layers and all kinds of juicy edges. Challenges are what life is all about! We learn and grow from them. And as Artists, aren't we lucky -- we get to transform those crappy crazy times into creative flights of fancy. That's our gift, our passion, our mission.

However, I know a lot of creatives like to lean on the poor me victim mentality, play out the guilt ridden martyr syndrome, build their negative experiences around themselves like fences, put on their cynical cloaks like protective armor and generally hide behind a whole lot of grump and circumstance.

Well, I'm calling all of it BOGUS!* Enough already. Get over yourself. Your long suffering charade might feel comfortably numb to you, but we are definitely not impressed.

*(Please forgive me if your pain is fresh and true and raw and real. I am truly sorry for your pain. I know it is not easy to endure. But I also know that holding onto it, carrying it around like a shield and leading with it, putting it at the front of all you do in life will not help you move past it. You have to move past it. Get help. It's time.)

Right here, right now I am giving you permission to take your suffering (real or imagined) and decide to create something totally new from it. Transform it, remodel it, recreate it, reshape it and otherwise turn it into something else completely unrecognizable AND beautiful.

Because who needs pain and suffering?? Not us.

Need reasons to stop suffering? You got it:

1) This is the 21st century, not the 19th
We are not living in drippy freezing garret flats in foreign countries, with nothing but stone soup to eat for dinner. 
We have running water. We have Bruno Mars. We have the INTERNET. We have so much food we don't even know what to do with it. Stop whining already.

Speaking of whining...

2) No one likes a crybaby
How many people are showing up for those pity parties of yours? I'm guessing only one. The loneliest number. Find a cheerier theme for your next soiree.

3) That Invisibility Cloak is for teenage wizards only
Dontcha think your Suffering Artist Invisible Person act is getting a tad tired? Using your suffering, your negativity and/or your fear as your shield against the big bad world is only achieving one thing for you: Negative. Cash. Flow. Drop the shield.

4) This is not a contest
You will not win a prize at the end of your life for the amount of suffering you did. More suffering does not equal larger rewards. More suffering does not equal greater credibility. Stop competing with Van Gogh and the rest of the drunken (okay supertalented drunken) martyrs. Their paintings are worth more with their creators dead than alive. Is that the life you want?

5) YOU are the boss of you
Are you trying to live up to an impossible standard? Demanding perfection from yourself? Sounds like your inner critic is bossing you around. Show it the hand. Kick it to the curb. Then decide to love what you do. 

6) Really, who cares??
All we really care about is your ART. Just do it.

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