6 Reasons to Stop Trash Talking Your Money

Hey there, Artist!

Recently, while chatting with a new acquaintance I realized that I hear the same thing over and over again from so many seriously creative, seriously multi-talented Artists -- they are constantly trash talking MONEY! Trashing people who make a lot of money, bashing people who spend a lot of money on art / theatre / designer goods, hating on the people who employ them in side jobs (and pay them money), etc. etc. etc. It's a steady stream of complaints.

I get sooo frustrated because money is not just about BANK -- it's about how you show up in the world and what you communicate about yourself to the people you meet. True story!

Truly, I hear far too many stories, excuses and past-the-expiration-date beliefs that lead amazing Artists with fabulous talent to cave in and hide out instead of allowing themselves to be the incredible creative entrepreneurs they are truly meant to be.

Listen: Allowing your craptalk about money to rule your daily life and how you live it can seriously hold you back and keep you from succeeding BIG TIME.

And I am sooo serious when I tell you that is the LAST thing I want for you! What I really want is for you to STOP the trash talk and START standing up for your inner Artist, so you can attract fans and everything else you want in your life and creative business.

How do you do that? You have to start at the start. As your Ringleader and business coach, I'm here to point out SIX ways that your last century starving artist mentality could be holding you back -- not just in your art and business but also in other parts of your life:

1) You mope around a lot and complain about how there's no money in show business / music business / art world / fashion design (fill in the blank here!). You accept the mantle of the Victim and bend anyone's ear who's willing to lend it about OH WOE IS ME.

***Ugh that attitude holds you back in so many ways! Drop the victim mentality and start filling your head with positive motivational thoughts. It will make a world of difference!

2) You cower behind your computer instead of using it to network on social media, on blogs, or on your own website (you DO have a website, don't you?...) You also avoid showing up at networking events in your community because you've decided that only corporate people -- you know, those sell outs to "The Man" -- do that sort of thing. Artists don't do that. Artists make art.

***Sigh I'm sorry but this is the biggest cop-out ever. Quit playing the Invisible Artist! Get out there and start sharing your talents with the world! That is the ONLY way they will learn about you and your amazing work.

3) You know damn well that you're a unique, multi-talented, amazing Artist. But you don't feel comfortable selling those talents because it feels like boasting and you were taught that bragging is wrong, that you'll repel people if you do it. So you don't really do any selling. So... you don't really sell anything. Zip. Zero. Nada.

***Yeah, see #2. Then just get out there and BE YOURSELF! If you are excited about your work, about getting attention for your work, then just talk about how excited you are! I do it all the time. If you're authentically excited, your excitement will be contagious. BOOM you're sharing and selling and people are buying. You're welcome.

4) You see your exit coming up on the Highway of Life and you know it's NOT the right moment and it's definitely NOT the right exit! It's too soon because you haven't really gone after your really big dreams and hit the big time. You hate to think it's too late, but you feel paralyzed and without a clue how to change course.

***EEEEKKK PULL OVER!!! No joke. Take the detour! Explore, adventure, play and imagine how your journey can be different from here on out. Then just go do it!!

5) You hate making decisions. You hate change. You hate trying new things. You hate how the world is changing so fast. You hate the fact that all the real news happens online. You hate the whole IDEA of online. Newsflash: All that hate is ossifying your brain and fossilizing your heart. I'm just guessing, but you're probably feeling cranky and bitchy pretty often, or maybe you're overindulging in sugar, alcohol or other crutches in order to numb yourself and avoid the real issues.

***Enough with the hate! See #1. Then just force yourself to try something new every day, every week, every month. Never tried raw oysters? They are DELISH! Never learned how to hulahoop? I know a gal who can teach you, shoot me a message! Always wanted to play guitar? Find yourself a teacher and second hand instrument and you're off! Trying new things regularly will work that change muscle and keep it limber and strong -- super important for any creative success story.

6) When you look in the mirror, you have zero idea who you're looking at. After all these years, you still don't know who the hell you are or what you really want to do. You've buried your dreams and passions so deep inside you, sacrificed it all in order to make a living and make ends meet. Now, you're almost a stranger to yourself. And at this point, you worry that it might be too late.

***WRONG! It's never too late! Seriously, I can come up with at least ten stories about late bloomer success stories, including my Dad, who became a lawyer at age 69!

Here are a few more: Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, George Eliot, Mark Twain, Leonard Cohen, Terry Gilliam, Robert Frost, Marina Abramovic, Lucinda Williams, Morgan Freeman, Edward Hopper, Thelonius Monk, Toni Morrison, Kathryn Bigelow, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Maya Angelou, Lucille Ball, Alan Rickman and get this, Dr. Seuss! Stop fretting and just do it.

Tell me, how many of these six signs are true for you? If you identify with even one of these, then you have some work to do, my friend. It's time to put your grownup Artist's shoes on and start sharing your gifts with the rest of the world. Amiright??

Let me ask you this: 
If today were the first day of the rest of your life (yep), what ONE THING would you do TODAY to stop your trash talk, start pulling away from all this gunky negativity and finally start showing up as the awesome Artist you know you really are?? Hit reply and tell me all about it!

Are you feeling in your bones that this is the moment for you to change course? Do you want this year to finally be the year that you turn it all around and start becoming the Artist you know you are truly meant to be?

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