6 Ways to Keep the Faith

Last week, I got up on my soapbox about all the good reasons WHY holding onto your dreams is just...GOOD. Today, I'm all about the HOW. You ready? Here we go... buddhaheadphones#1 QUIT LISTENING TO THE NEGATIVE CHATTER IN YOUR HEAD

This point is by far the most important, life changing thing you can do for your Self right now. Turn down the volume on the Mean Voice. Actually, mute it! Turn it off completely! Then, go ahead and turn the volume waaaaay up on the Best Friend Voice. I swear to you, this can be done. I did it my Self. And the results are amazing. You can totally do it, too!


Goes hand in hand with #1. If you're not being nice to your Self, why do you suppose anyone else will be nice to you? Take that new Best Friend Voice and start listening to all the wonderific, nice things it says to and about you! Go ahead, I dare you.


Practice courage regularly. Do something scary every day. Why? Because accomplishing challenges builds your confidence. Increased confidence allows you to continue pursuing your dreams. See how easy that is?


Meditation doesn't need to be weird or difficult. All it really involves is a little focus. My fave way of meditating is lounging in bed for a few extra minutes on the weekend and just letting my thoughts drift.

Another great way to focus is to keep a special journal. Write only about your dream in that journal. Write it all in the present tense, as if it is happening right now. Call it your "Make It Happen" bible or your "Yes!" manifesto!

One more way to focus is to keep your media consumption to a minimum, turn off the radio and TV and just enjoy the silence. Gives your brain some room to breathe. Breathing is good.

#5 GO VISION BOARDING2013-03-18 11.59.59

If you're a visual person, try vision boarding. We used to call this making a collage, back in the day... Now it is all the rage. And with good reason!

Pull out some old magazines and a piece of posterboard, cardboard or even an old lined notebook or scrapbook. Cut and paste your way to a creative dream! It is so much fun and a great activity to do with kids. Vision board regularly and watch your dreams come true!

silouettesunset#6 GET UP AND DANCE

Dance, jump, run, skip, sing, hum, color, create, make music... just have fun! Playing makes life worth living. The fun times are the times we remember. Don't let them pass you by.

Keep the faith. Sometimes, it's all you have!

Okay so I'm on a roll with my cheesy 80s music... enjoy this one, including the hairstyle and fashion choices! ;)

Don't Stop Believing