6 Ways to Get Your $$$ Out of the Toilet

Here's the thing. If you're going to be an Artist, you have to start treating your Art like a business. Your talent is your WEALTH. Your creativity has VALUE.

If you're starting to feel at all uncomfortable reading these words, then it's time for an attitude adjustment, my friend.Here's why: Your attitude about your value as an Artist and the value of what you create has everything ~ and I mean EVERYthing ~ to do with how much bank you make with your art.

Just imagine you were a lawyer. I know some lawyers who are actors, so work with me for a minute here. Just imagine. Okay so you've gone through law school. Before that, you had to get some mighty fine undergrad grades to even get into law school. Then, you passed the Bar. And now you work with clients on cases, in court, in negotiations and settlements.When people ask you what you do for a living, you say you're a lawyer. When people ask you how much you charge for your service, you tell them your hourly rate. It's that simple, right?

Okay so let's switch back to you, the Artist. You are experienced at your craft. You create your Art with skill and talent. It takes time, effort, sweat, even tears. Maybe you went to school to learn your Art. And now you work with clients, audiences, readers, listeners, in theaters, in stores and online.When people ask you what you do for a living, you say you're an Artist, a Musician, an Author, an Actor, a Designer. When people ask you how much you charge for your Art, you tell them your rates.

It IS that simple.

Do you agree? If not, ~ if your hackles are raised and you feel yourself developing all KINDS of heated arguments against me right now ~ please read the following 6 ways to work on getting your $$$ attitude out of the TOILET:

1) Stop thinking/saying I can't afford that Instead, practice being thankful that you have enough to pay your bills, that you know how to make more money, that you can get another side job whenever you want to. Practice saying, I am not buying or spending money on that right now because I choose to pay my bills and cover my priorities comfortably right now. This simple shift in thinking makes a HUGE difference.

2) Stop thinking/saying I can't make money with my art unless/until the conditions are perfect Work with what you've got to get things rolling. Add to your conditions as the money rolls in. Nothing is ever perfect! And that is absolutely A-Ok.

3) Stop thinking/saying I never win anything Keep thinking/saying that, and you will keep on being right. =/

4) Stop looking the proverbial gift horse in the mouth When money arrives, treat it with respect! Thank it for showing up! Welcome it to the table! Don't badmouth it and say it's always spent before it's earned, or it never lasts for long, or it's never there when you need it. Guess what? You will be proven right, whatever you say. And money will shun you.

5) Stop worrying about not having enough and start thanking your money for being there when you need it Start noticing that money always comes when you need it. Trust that you will have enough. Money will either arrive as cash, as a discount, as an opportunity or as a bullet dodged. Keep track if you like. Eventually, you will start to believe that money rains down on you all the time, in avalanches of abundance. And it will.

6) Stop thinking/saying there's not enough money in the world to go around Have you noticed that money is exchanged digitally these days?... You don't even need to use the actual paper and coin versions anymore. It's all symbolic. Credit cards, wire transfers, online payments ~ they're all symbolic forms of the energy that is money. Money has always represented an exchange of goods and/or services. People are always coming up with new and abundant variations of goods and/or services. As long as people are alive and creating new stuff, that energy will be available. So relax. There will always be more.

Believe me, I realize that these ideas might be new and different. I also realize that you may feel a LOT of resistance, a LOT of uncomfortable feelings when you read these tips. That is just your deep down, deeply held and ingrained money story talking. It's the story you've been holding onto your whole life, due to early influences and environments.

It does not really matter where your early money story came from. What matters is that you change it. Unless of course, it's already made you a millionaire. ;)

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