8 Ways to Be Generous with Your Self

Okay, let's get real here, peeps. I don't know about you, but these last couple of weeks have been totally rough for me. I mean, really, how many times can my feet spaz out with cramps while I'm trying to balance in half moon? How little sleep can I actually function on? How much caffeine can I get away with ingesting without completely ruining my nervous system?... Seriously, I did not even notice how absolutely wrung out I was until Wednesday. Suddenly, it was like I'd walked smack into a sliding glass door, heading for the sunny deck where the happening party was happening, but SMACK! I found my face squashed up against an invisible barrier, smarting from both the impact and my obliviousness.

Suddenly, it became hideodiously clear that my brain is totally battered and fried. My body is screaming for at least one 90 minute hot stone massage and a loooong winter's nap. My motivation is lagging behind my To-Do List (with a capital T) like a toddler about to throw a giNORmous hissy fit. What's a working mom to do??

The ugly symptoms of my wrung-outedness only became apparent at the end of a day when I almost passed out and/or bawled my eyes out during yoga class (while every inch of me screamed NO! I'm NOT doing that! for 60 excruciatingly long minutes); when I wrote and shared a press release for my business that was soooo skewed and off the mark but thought it was great simply because it was D.O.N.E.; and snapped at all my loved ones, displaying about as much patience as the above-mentioned toddler getting ready to pitch that epic hissy fit.

THEN, I actually attempted to record a video blog.

*Insert laugh track here*


After my third attempt and various lighting shenanigans, I decided to switch to wrapping presents.

*Laugh track*

That went well. Until I fell asleep. But I only had like ten minutes before I had to jump in my car and be at the next thing! Jeez.

Suddenly, it hit me like a Visine wash to my Third Eye. I suddenly realized that my entire Self was running on nothing but caffeine fumes and the need to check off my list.

What is going on here?? I mean, I'm supposed to get this, right? I'm supposed know how to love and nurture my Self, right??

Since I've learned how to better manage stress, avoid drama, plan my time and increase my productivity over the last few years, I didn't think this could still happen to me!!! No, not to me. =/

*Blink blink* *Deer in the headlights*

Looks like I was wrong there.

Well, guess what, it really does happen to all of us. Sure, planning helps. Saying no, prioritizing ~ supertastically important. Letting go of some less important things helps create some downtime in our hectic schedules. Letting go of the guilt over letting those things go? PRICELESS.

At this time of year, with so much going on, so many expectations and so much to do, the need to slow down and just breathe becomes even MORE important. So I'm taking this opportunity to just STOP. I know I need to be more generous with my Self ASAP. Thankfully, I've made yoga a part of my life, otherwise I'm certain I would be a total basket case!

Here are eight ideas I'm giving my Self (and you!) to help keep me sane through this crazybusy season:

1) Regular exercise ~ My choice is yoga for the unbeatable combo of strength, flexibility, balance, meditation and even cardio training it gives me.

2) Drink decaf (mostly) ~ Caffeine dehydrates and dehydration drags a girl down. Switch to decaf or at least half caf. Add ginseng capsules or extra B12 tabs if you're still lagging and dragging with no nap in sight.

3) Take naps! ~ Even a 10 minute nap at your desk helps to revive and refresh. Can't say enough about the nap thing.

4) Drink extra water ~ Hydrate like a mermaid to avoid headaches, nausea, hunger pangs and lots of other ickiness.

5) Pare down that To-Do List ~ Don't try to do everything right now, save some of it for... later. It's really okay to say no to some events, requests and people. It might even give you the chance to take a nap. =)

6) Switch to eCards ~ Send digital, electronic, email cards instead of the paper kind. There are so many advantages! No need for postage. No need for expensive cards. No need to use more paper and ink. Send to BCCs and write JUST ONE CARD. Okay, maybe two if you're sending to business and personal. But still, think of the time you'll save! And all the people you can reach! AND, you can squeeze it in anytime without worrying about whether the post will reach all those people in time. (BTW, I love JibJab for their fun free animated cards.)

7) Keep your food as clean as possible ~ Cut out dairy, wheat/gluten and sugar whenever possible. I've cut out dairy completely, the others mostly and I feel miles better. I have much more focus and clarity, less lethargy, fewer aches and pains. Try it for two weeks and see how you feel. Your waistline will thank you, too. ;)

8) Give your Self a break ~ Don't be so hard on your Self. Ditch the unattainable ideal of perfection. There is no need for perfect and really, no such thing. Do what you can and be thankful for what you've got.

Here's my plan: More naps, send eCards, less caffeine and more water, especially through these next few days. I accept that I am not perfect. I am generously accepting who I am, where I am, right now, with lots of love.

Won't you join me? <3