8 Ways to Get #Artitude

Lots of Artists I talk to express impatience, resentment, even anger towards having to work at jobs they care nothing about in order to make ends meet. Even worse, many just shrug their shoulders and say, Hey, it is what it is.

Listen, I get it. I’ve been there plenty of times. But here’s a little secret: Those alternate money making activities can be super helpful to your bottom line, whether you're just starting your art business or going through a growth spurt that needs an extra cash infusion.

So, how do you get past the fact that art doesn’t happen from 9 to 5? How do you deal with what seems like mind numbing repetition and irrelevance for 40 hours a week?

Here's the deal: It’s time for us to circle our wagons, people. It’s time to start a revolution in our heads! It's all about perspective. 

I propose that we change our perspective from negative to positive. For some, this shift is small. For others, it is so BIG, it’s nothing short of revolutionary!

I propose that we turn our thoughts away from regret, resentment, anger, impatience and ennui, especially with regards to our J-O-Bs. Instead, let’s fill our thoughts with imaginative ways to mine our alternate money making activities for all they are worth.

I propose that this shift in perspective grants us an attitude of joy for our art, gratitude for our money, respect for our routines and badassed motivation for continued progress. I call this shifted perspective #ARTITUDE.

This is how we do it:

Is your art your hobby, or your business? Hobby... or business? Decide. Who is the REAL you? Paper pusher or Poet? Receptionist or Rapper? Accountant or Artist? Server or Singer? What's it gonna be, baby? Who ARE you? DECIDE.


So, you decided you’re an Artist. 
Your biggest challenge now is to empty your mind of negativity. Clean it all out. Sweep those cobwebs out of your ears. Dust off the shelves. Empty the trash. Make room for much better things.

***This step is essential. Without it, you will keep returning to #1. Guaranteed.

Forgot how to do that? Let’s try: Stretch your lips wide across your front teeth. Lift the corners of your mouth ever so slightly. Get your cheek muscles involved. Now here’s the hard part: Let the smile creep into your eyes. Best part? Once it hits your eyes, your whole body gets involved. Now you're smiling on the inside, too. Now you’re prepped for #4.

This step is the opposite of #2. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, gratitude, hope, joy, etc. Oh yes, it's unicorns, fairies and rainbows all the way here, peeps. Pretend your mind is a flower garden. Tend it lovingly. Don't allow any weeds, predators or leeches. Put up a big fence and a ginormous Do Not Disturb sign. Maybe a big muscular bouncer dude, too... Yeah, definitely add the bouncer dude. Just for some extra positive vibes. ;)


Plain and simple. Effort out, money in. It's like your own personal ATM. Put out the effort, get the cash. Show up on time, get the cash. Do your job well, get the cash. Go home and spend the cash on paint, speakers, a new laptop, strings, fabric... Get the picture?


Learning new stuff makes your brain go ZZZIIINNNNNGGGGG!!! I am so serious! Forcing yourself to understand new concepts, ideas, functions and systems puts your inner learning center on high ALERT. Instead of dreading this fact, why not treat it like a magictastical challenge? As if you're off to see the Wizard! And it's wonderful.

What are you good at? I mean besides your art of choice. Are you a great cook? Are you the hostess with the mostest? Do you love working in the garden? Where would you find the most joy and bring the most to the table in a work situation? Here's a hint: If you're feeling like a donkey on a wheel, it's probably NOT happening where you're working currently... Look for something new! Change things up!

Learning to value yourself and your talents can be super challenging. I propose that your side job, your alternate money making activity is there to teach you at least one value lesson.

Do you often work at jobs where the boss micromanages and distrusts everyone? Work on trusting yourself. Do you feel disrespected and underappreciated by your boss and/or coworkers? Work on appreciating yourself. These value lessons walk you down the road of confidence building (just like the Yellow Brick Road, I'm back in Oz!...) and into a revolutionary stance of taking the world by storm. 

Buckle up, peeps. Tornado's coming.

© 2014 Pamela C Wills, Int’l

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