8 Ways to Get Happy

I used to think that happy people were weird. Seriously! I thought there was something wrong with them, that they must be fake and superficial and even a little bit dumb. Like they were wasting everyone's time with their happy yapping.

Yep, I was a hater, peeps. A true Kafka reading, Cure listening, no smiles kind of gal. Hard to believe, right??

Well, I've figured a few things out since then. Like these:

  • Smiling is good for me.
  • Laughing is an instant internal massage.
  • Happy people aren't weird or stupid, just...happy!
  • Best of all, I am now one of them!

Since I've accepted that fact and sent it out into the world, I have allowed myself to feel good and be happy whenever and as often as I like. Pretty cool, right??

Newsflash: SO CAN YOU.


Right here, right now, as you're staring down the middle of 2014, thinking about how to promote yourself and your work, thinking about whether you're good enough or not, thinking about all the sh!t you still need to get done before Christmas rolls back around, think about this: How do you want to FEEL?

I'm thinking HAPPY is probably going to be the most popular answer to that question. So I've put together a short list of 8 tips for feeling happy RIGHT NOW:

1) Smile and laugh as often as possible. Do whatever you can to make that happen! Watch comedy shows, read funny books. Play with your kids and/or pets. Start a tickle fest!!! Read the Sunday comics if all else fails. Laughter = internal massage. Instant feel good moment.

2) Say thank you when you receive a compliment. Don't pass it off, don't instantly turn it around, don't swat it away like a fly. Absorb it. Feel it sink into the part of you that was complimented. Feel its truth. Accept it. Believe it! Now, say thank you. Doesn't that feel GOOD??

3) Keep a Gratitude / Success Journal. Write about your achievements and blessings daily. You can also write on slips of paper and keep them in a jar or a box instead. Or keep a list in your phone. Go back and read them whenever you hit a wall or a dark corner. There is nothing quite like written proof that you are awesome for lifting your spirits!

4) Connect with a good friend. You all know that friendship keeps us not just sane but ALIVE, right?? Right. So pick up the phone, get on your chat line, start texting, meet for coffee or drinkies TODAY. Our friends are GOLD. Knowing we are valued and understood by our closest friends and demonstrating the same for them is one of the best feel good tonics on the planet.

5) Practice a little Self care. Take a hot bubble bath and use the fancy soap. Get or give yourself a pampering mani / pedi. Build time to exercise into your daily schedule and move your body regularly. Eat clean, nutritious food -- nurture your body with healthy yummy stuff that fuels your muscles and your brain. You get the picture. Be good to yourself.

6) Hug someone! Your partner, your parent, your kid, your pet or even yourself! We all need the healing power of touch, every day. Hugs are often welcomed and appropriate, especially among relatives and friends. Your Dad doesn't like to hug? Are you sure? Try it and see, you might be surprised!

7) Listen to your favorite music. Music makes the world go round! Listening to your favorite songs counts as one of the most popular ways to boost your mood. Whether your feel good music is techno, pop, rock, punk, classical, reggae, hip hop or Gregorian chant (yeah, you heard me right), get it spinning and get your smile on! Check my "Be Your Self" playlist from April 2012 for some of my own suggestions.

8) Visualize your dreams. Since I'm a word person and visualization doesn't happen easily for me, I've been making vision boards ever since I was a kid. I love choosing words, phrases and images from magazines, cutting them out and using them to design my boards. I choose a theme or an idea and then start gluing, placing my biggest word or idea first and then adding as I go. This process takes care of two things for me:
1) it gets my creative juices going and
2) it helps me to solidify my goals.
Bonus: I get to look at my finished piece as often as I want and be reminded of the dreams that spurred me to create it. Playful manifestation! (Even easier way to do this: Use PINTEREST!)

Bonus #2 (Rated A for ADULTS...): Have sex! Grab your mate or your fave toy and enjoy yourself! Empty your mind of the mundane, release your inhibitions and just have fun. (BTW, it's okay to laugh in bed. That way, you get simultaneous internal AND external massage! ;)

My advice: Get happy so you can get moving. Happy happens first, then the rest happens. Not the other way around. If you sit around waiting for happy to arrive without taking any action to bring it, you'll be waiting forEVER. Don't know about you, but forever is waaay too long for me!! ;)

If you need help with the getting happy part as much as with the getting moving part, I've got you covered. My Modern Business Plan signature program covers the nitty gritty self confidence and positive mindset work that every Artist needs in order to keep on keeping on. Contact me for a free consult, let's get your happy rolling!

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