8 Ways to Stay Strong (when the going gets rough)

How do you stay strong in the face of upheaval?
Challenges definitely come and go. We can shuffle along and complain about all the shit happening. Or, we can build our emotional teflon. That's what I call a thick skin -- teflon coating.

Even when the going gets REALLY rough, a teflon coating that keeps negativity away and keeps your mind strong and healthy is going to help you push through all the hills and valleys, no matter what challenges you encounter, even when you think you just can't push one more step.

Just like you need to work at the stamina to get through those long rehearsals, those sweaty latenight gigs, those wee hours at the keyboard or canvas -- you also need to develop your mental strength over time. But if you choose to improve yourself and grow your skills emotionally, I promise, you will notice the rewards.

A few intro tips:

  • Avoid things that could hold you back, like negative situations/friends
  • Create healthy habits that help you grow stronger, like good nutrition and sleep patterns
  • Visualize your best life on the daily, either in your mind's eye or with assistance like Pinterest or journaling

Okay! Now for the big list -- here are my top 8 ways to stay strong every single day -- even when the going gets rough:

1. Use Your Thinking Energy Wisely

It’s easy to get distracted during the day by all kinds of unimportant and unproductive crap. Choose to use your time and energy carefully. Devote your efforts to the things that matter most so you can get the most shit done.

2. Rethink Your Negative Thoughts

Everyone has negative thoughts sometimes. The trick is not to let them go wild, hold you back or drag you down. Instead, respond to that triangle of fear, doubt and worry with a more positive inner dialogue. Stay motivated to succeed by talking to yourself like a trusted friend or a helpful coach. It works!

3. Work Towards Your Goals

Lay out clear personal and professional goals that give you a purpose in life. Forget about instant gratification! Keep your long-term goals in mind and view obstacles as challenges, rather than roadblocks to success.

4. Check Your Progress

Reflect on progress toward your goals on the daily -- setting aside time to examine what's going well, humbly acknowledging areas that need improvement, holding yourself accountable for mistakes and constantly striving to move forward.

5. Deal with Discomfort

While most people will avoid stress at all costs, others endure pain simply to prove they’re tough. Your strength really shows, however, if you deal with discomfort when it serves a greater purpose. Whether you’re exercising even when you feel tired, or delivering a speech when you feel terrified, you're using your pain in order to grow.

6. Practice Gratitude

You can’t be at your best if you’re insisting you deserve better. Acknowledge that you already have everything you need. Recognize your good fortune and express gratitude for everything in your life.

7. Balance Emotion with Logic

Understand that your feelings play a major role in your perceptions and behavior. Pay close attention to how emotions influence your judgement. Be sure to balance your emotions with logic so you can make the best possible choices.

8. Live by Your Values

Maybe it's tempting to measure yourself against the competition, but don’t fall for those distractions. Focus on living according to your values and doing your best, despite the circumstances. At the end of the day, don’t ask whether you beat everyone else -- ask whether you stayed true to YOU.

Live by these tips and you'll be mastering your challenges in no time!

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