9 Instant Confidence Boosters

Need a shot of confidence?  Here are nine of my favorite instant boosters for you: Confidence Booster #1 Stand and sit up straight!  All. The. Time.  You will automatically feel taller, more attractive, more powerful.

Confidence Booster #2 Walk faster! Put some spring in your step.  You will instantly feel more purposeful, important and confident.

Confidence Booster #3 Look sharp!  Take a few minutes to check your Self in the mirror before you go out.  Ladies, a little lipstick can't hurt.  And guys, shave much?...

Confidence Booster #4 Be thankful!  Think of six things each morning and six more each night to be thankful for.  Say them out loud, write them down.

Confidence Booster #5 Give compliments!  Look for the best in others; soon you (and everyone else) will start to notice the best in your Self.

Confidence Booster #6 Sit up front!  Why hide in the back row when you can see better, hear better up front?  Face your fear, don't hide!

Confidence Booster #7 Speak up!  Raise that hand to become a better public speaker, a more confident thinker and recognized as a leader.

Confidence Booster #8 Work that body!  Exercise is feel good medicine and fitness has a huge effect on self-esteem.  Just do it.  Really!

Confidence Booster #9 Volunteer!  Giving your time to others who need your help and expertise makes life all the sweeter.  Try it!

Give a few of these boosters a try and see if you don't start to feel better about your Self.

You know what I always say, right?...  What have you got to lose???