HOW is it February ALREADY??


I can't believe it's already February, can you?? Where did January rush to?? Raise your hand if you also feel like the first month of 2018 whooshed by in a blur...

Though we were only away for about 9 days, for me the biggest part of January was the trip to NYC my daughter and I took so that she could perform at her college theatre program auditions at NYU Tisch and Juilliard. Wow, what an epic week that was! She's an incredibly confident young woman and I admire her courage and determination soso much. She slayed her performances and felt great about the work she delivered. Two more auditions to go! Then we wait... until sometime during the end of March for the offers to start rolling in!

As for me, I'm super happy to say that not only did I survive our week in the Big Apple, but I actually managed to average about 9,000 steps per day, sometimes even with luggage! Can you believe it?? Of course, this week I've been feeling incredibly exhausted -- wow, I am soooo out of shape!! -- but I managed. We took the subway pretty much everywhere, saw four or five different areas of the city, somehow received free tickets to see the NYC Ballet (Balanchine!) and just really enjoyed our time together. We are so lucky and grateful for all the help we received from family and friends to make it happen financially and logistically.

Now that we're back home, I'm catapulting back into real life! I have to admit, it's a bit daunting to view my brand new life from this juncture, where I'm standing at Point A, looking towards Point B and not entirely sure how to get from one point to the other. Sure, it's exciting to have the chance to re-imagine everything! And I've done a ton of imagining and planning and strategizing over the past months. But somehow, a solid bridge between the two points has not yet materialized... 

Has something like this ever happened to you? If so, I'd love to hear about it! You're among the first to know that I'm launching a podcast very soon, all about overcoming obstacles. It's called Hard Candy: Even Life's Toughest Moments Can Be Sweet and it's gonna be amazing!! Stay tuned...

Meanwhile, since February is my birthday month, I've decided to slash all the prices in my online Emporium for the whole month! Most of the digital/audio items are on sale for just $5 -- including my popular Fight the Fright ebook.

But the juiciest discount is on my private telephone coaching service -- only $50/hr (my top hourly rate is normally $300). That means if you book your hours with me during this month, you can book as many as you like at just $50 -- and use them all year long! 

Take a look at and check the offers, they're pretty sweet! Happy February my friend!

xoxo Ringleader Pam


PS: Thankfully, I've sailed through my initial recovery phase after spending the fall fighting cervical cancer. As you know, I’ve been working hard on new ways to support Celia and myself financially going forward. These next few weeks are critical as our funds have mostly run out and my income has not yet reignited... It would help a ton if we could reach our fundraising goal to get us through this crunch time. Any help you can give would be super amazing and appreciated!! 

Click this link to donate: 

Thank you so much!!


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Hey there! I'm Ringleader Pam!

It's true that many years have seen many hats on my head, but one thread makes them all part of one unique collection: my passion for story.

More than 25 years of experience in writing and editing, public relations, sales and marketing, social media, networking, teaching, public speaking and yes, even dance and choreography fill this gal's cocktail shaker of a life -- definitely shaken, not stirred -- and give me the ability to serve up exactly what my clients need.

Whether it's written content, sales and PR/marketing help, confidence boosts, a great speech, accountability and mentoring or dance lessons for the movement shy, my glass-overflowing positivity, optimistic attitude and contagious enthusiasm for my clients' successes took many years of many tries and fails to cultivate -- a success story of my own that has thankfully won me thousands of admiring fans! Want more? Download your FREE report at today!

Have Tea with Me?

You know, it’s sooo true that I’ve been kinda starved for social contact lately! Hanging around the house in my pjs trying to boost my blood counts has been a real drag, tbh. Ugh I miss being out and about with you guys!!!

Thankfully, my bestie Angel Quintana gave me a great idea the other day during our weekly telephone catch up / mastermind: She thought I could get a little social by chatting with you all via video, so I took her advice! It really helped!

Here’s the clip (just click on the picture to view): 

And here’s the link to my blog that I talk about in the video chat:
"Slay the Scarcity Monsters": CLICK HERE

You know, gratitude is so very important to me, now more than ever. It’s the main thing getting me through my temporary health challenge this fall!! Thanks again to all of you who have supported me -- emotionally, financially, socially, and spiritually!! If you haven’t had a chance to contribute yet, it’s not too late. Please consider helping us reach our goal. Every little bit really does help! Here's the link to our crowdfunding page:

Feel free to share this link!

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Hey there! I'm Ringleader Pam!

It's true that many years have seen many hats on my head, but one thread makes them all part of one unique collection: my passion for story.

More than 25 years of experience in writing and editing, public relations, sales and marketing, social media, networking, teaching, public speaking and yes, even dance and choreography fill this gal's cocktail shaker of a life -- definitely shaken, not stirred -- and give me the ability to serve up exactly what my clients need.

Whether it's written content, sales and PR/marketing help, confidence boosts, a great speech, accountability and mentoring or dance lessons for the movement shy, my glass-overflowing positivity, optimistic attitude and contagious enthusiasm for my clients' successes took many years of many tries and fails to cultivate -- a success story of my own that has thankfully won me thousands of admiring fans! Want more? Download your FREE report at today!

Love is in the Air Again

I don't know about you, but my emotions have been running on HIGH ALERT all week. Whether it's hormonal, political or cosmological, it still has the same effect: STRESS!

According to my supersmart healer pals, the antidote is self love. They say that however we can approach a situation -- any situation -- from a place of love is the way to find peace and healing. This makes a ton of sense to me, so I am practicing a new mantra that goes something like this:

Love instead of fear. Love instead of hate. Love, love, love, love, love.

So far, it's working! Love is in the air!

Do you feel it?

I've been thinking about love lately... a lot. It's February! The month of love... And you know what they say about love... Love is in the air. Love is the question and the answer. Love me or leave me. Love is all you need. All you need is love. Love isn't love until you give it away. Love thy neighbor. Love is a battlefield. Love and money. For the love of God. Love is a many splendored thing. Love has many faces. Love has no limits. Love will find a way. Love your Self!

Well, as you can see, I've been counting the ways. =)

This month, by right of Saint Valentine is dedicated to the most complex, famous, wonderfully exciting emotion, both noun and verb in one. Get comfy, take a seat because I'm here to help you start unraveling this puzzle this month. Today, it's all about the questions...

Read more here...

BTW, if you want more love and attention for your career, you really oughtta check my community of artists, for artists -- The Guild, espesh if you've been dying to connect with other like-minded performers for encouragement and accountability, The Guild is THE place for you! Furthermore, if you want more attention for your work, more confidence both onstage and offstage, and more ways to level up your performance career, The Guild is the place for you.

The Guild's membership perks are packed with bonuses like a private access group, publicity in front of my 22k+ network of followers, exclusive trainings and tips, monthly group mastermind calls with me and more -- all for less than the price of your gym membership.

After all, do you really want to languish in the back row when you could be center stage??


Questions? I'd love to feature them (of course anonymously, if you prefer) on my Ask Ringleader Pam page -- just hit reply and ask away!


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Hey there! I'm Pamela C Wills, Ringleader of The Creative Revolution

I'm an award-winning Choreographer and published Author with a passion for business -- YOUR business. I teach up-and-coming performing Artists just like you how to successfully embrace your inner BADASS with confidence, navigate opportunity with ease and take your talents to the next levelMy popular programs and services help my clients level up and make ginormous leaps with the creative passions that they just can't live without.

Want to start leveling up?
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Slay the Scarcity Monsters!

Every year at this time, the Scarcity Monsters rear their ugly heads and send us scurrying for cover in every direction. They keep us up at night with worries about whether we'll have enough money to pay for gifts, family dinners, more presents, more dinners, the electricity bill, the gym membership, the car insurance, the mortgage, the rent, the cell phone and all that other fun stuff.

When the Scarcity Monsters are hovering, we feel grumpy and crabby and everything that the season is not about. Instead of generously opening our hands and hearts and wallets, we allow those pesky monsters to trick us into shutting ourselves down and going into hiding. The very idea of scarcity keeps us in a very small space of lack, want and need.

Well, those horrible SMs absolutely LOVE that! They are just like Voldemort's Dementors, hunting us at our most vulnerable moments, just waiting for their chance to pounce and suck the life out of us.

Sometimes, even a few of my clients who have not quite yet learned to value themselves and their work 100% are seduced by the Scarcity Monsters. They are frightened into thinking there's not enough money to continue investing in their creative businesses. They are cowed into doubting the worth of their talents. They are sometimes even completely scared off from sharing their talents with the world.

Fortunately, I know firsthand how that works, because those evil creatures succeeded with me for many years. But in the end, I won. I found my own protective Patronus and now I use it every time they come around.

That's right, I'm here to tell you one of the most important lessons I've ever learned in this lifetime, one I certainly didn't learn in school. Are you ready for this? Are you sitting down? Because this is BIG.

Newsflash: The Scarcity Monsters are FAKE.

True story! They are just a bunch of windbags! All just smoke and mirrors designed by your own subconscious to keep you in the Bermuda Triangle of fear, doubt and worry -- all in the name of "safety". The funny thing is, we all know that Triangle is not a very safe place to be stuck in. Amiright??

Problem is, our subconscious has not yet caught up with modern living conditions. We no longer have to fend off lions and tigers and bears in our very fortunate First World lives. We no longer have to hunt down and scavenge for our food in order to survive. There is an endless supply of everything we need right at our fingertips, right there for the asking, if only we just ask and receive. Including money!

Don't believe me? That's cool, if you want to hang with the SMs. But I can assure you that there's plenty of evidence to back up what I'm telling you. Just google it and see for yourself.

Meanwhile, for those of you who DO believe me, how can you protect yourself from the SMs, especially at this very emotionally potent time of year? As I said, I've been working on this subject for several years, so now I have a few solid tips for slaying the detested Scarcity Monsters:

1) Put up your hand and just say NO
Your words have more power than you realize. Tell the Monsters to BACK the EFF OFF. Don't let them bully you.

2) Stop the madness
If you let your imagination run away with the idea of scarcity and lack, the SMs will swoop right in immediately. Take charge of your thoughts. Slam the door, bolt it and throw away the key to keep fear, doubt and worry from storming your castle.

3) Take immediate action
Whenever you start to feel like you are losing money, just stop, take a deep breath and start listing new and different ways you can make MORE money. There will always be new and different ways. Take that list and start taking action on it.

4) Surround yourself with positive people and ideas
Negative Nellies have ZERO place in your life when the SMs are on the prowl. Listen to MP3s, read books, watch TED talks -- do whatever it takes to soak your brain, heart, mind and soul in positive vibes. This is your Patronus spell! Don't eff it up.

5) Focus on abundance instead of dwelling on scarcity
Get yourself an abundance mantra, find an infographic to repeat to yourself, recite a prayer, CHANT if you have to. Don't let the feeling of lack get a grip on your throat. It will choke you toute suite.

6) Get thee to thy success journal and celebrate your wins
You've been keeping a success journal, right? Glad to hear it. Open it up and read all about your wins. Then celebrate them! Throw a dance party for one!! If you don't, no one else will.

7) Embrace your money like a lover
One of the weirdest yet most effective pieces of advice I ever found regarding improving my money mindset was to imagine my wealth as my lover. Put a face on it, talk to it, treat it well, etc. So weird, right?? But after finding similar advice in some of the most respected wealth building tomes, I gave it a whirl. Guess what? It works.

8) Find ways to be thankful for everything you already have and write that shit down
Self explanatory. Gratitude is gold.

Try these protective measures. Don't let the monsters get you. Shine a light on their smoke and mirrors. Escape the Triangle of fear, doubt and worry. And by the way, if you need to follow someone with a flashlight and a map, I'm your gal! Shoot me a message and we'll set up a chat!

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Revolution Ringleader Pamela C Wills is a choreographer and writer with a passion for business who teaches multitalented creatives how to turn talents into cash. Her Get Your Big Break! program dives into three strategies to level up your creative success. Want to make money in the arts? Don’t just dabble in your art, download your FREE report, "Turn Your Talents into Cash: 10 Simple Steps" and start calling YOUR shots today!

What We're Working On:

Color Your World

No, I'm not talking about Petula Clark's single or even the hit song by Chicago. I'm thinking more along the lines of Harold and his purple crayon.

For anyone who had no reason to read childrens' books in the early years of this new century, a popular one was called Harold and the Purple Crayon. Harold is a little boy who dreams of adventures that he draws for himself with, you guessed it, his purple crayon. His imagination and resulting drawings take him to the peaks of the highest mountains, across big wide oceans and even to the moon and back. In his dreams, Harold is the captain of his own ship, the master of his own destiny.

A little boy. And his little crayon.

So here's what I'm thinking... if a little boy can scale the mightiest mountains with just his dreams and his crayon, what's stopping YOU? I mean, what is holding you back from attempting that really scary thing you've been staring down for the past century or so?

Yeah, I'm talking to myself here, too. Yeah, there are actually a few big things left on my bucket list, too. Shocking, I know.

But seriously. We are almost at the half year mark. Time keeps on slipping into the future. What are you doing to create your own world? Are your dreams scary enough? Do you quake in fear at the very idea of getting started? Does success seem like a very far off possibility? 

Yeah. NOW we're talking.

Get out that purple crayon, people!! Yes, I'm serious.

1) Write down the thing that scares you the most about your biggest dream and why

2) Write (or draw, I know a lot of you are visual types) what could happen if that scariest of scary things happens (Psst.. it won't)

3) Write or draw that same scary thing without the scary parts

You know what I'm talking about. You know that big thing looks different without the scary parts. Let's see what it looks like in the sunlight, no shadows. No scary.

Take another look at it. Still scary? Sure, it might look big and challenging to accomplish. But scary? Not so much, right?

Crayons do that. Playing, using your imagination for good rather than for worrying can produce amazing results. Spend time every day imagining your biggest dreams without all the scary worrying stuff. No stress. Just fun! Look at it through fresh eyes, as if you just dreamed it up and drew it yourself. See how that feels. Create your own world with your own crayon.

Have crayon, will travel. ;)

June 11-14, What the World Needs Now
My choreography and #BacharachsBack at Cotuit Arts Center!

June 18-20, Love is Blind: A Tribute to Amy Winehouse
New Brave Horse Music show, new choreography, also at Cotuit Arts

June 30th, HobNob Artists Networking Party #4
First party of the summer! Sponsored by Daily Decker

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Revolution Ringleader Pamela C Wills teaches multi-talented creatives from around the globe how to use #artitude to make their talent their business and make their living as Artists. If you want to make money as a successful entrepreneurial Artist, too, then download your FREE gift report, "10 Simple Ways to Market Your Art" at and start calling YOUR shots today!

A Study in Positivity

A blue sky signifies a positive outlook.
Up, up and away feels like a fresh new start.
Clouds clear out, leaving bright blue and sunshine behind.
Waking up to a clear blue sky is the epitome of happy.
Spread sunshine all over the place
And put on a happy face!

Use this study for your morning meditation, your best antidote for the mean reds or give it as a gift to someone else who needs it more.

Bold is the New Gold

Here's the thing: No one ever hit it big by playing it small. No one ever slayed the Jabberwocky by retreating back into little girl shoes. No one ever made history without throwing a little shade and sass.

Bold is the new gold, peeps. You want to go for the gold? Well then, you're gonna have to bring the BOLD.

Synonyms for bold: brave, daring, crazy, audacious, courageous, sassy, confident, fearless, strong

I bet if you dig a little, you have at least a little bit of sass, strength or crazy deep down in you. Amiright??

Let's count our own Six Impossible Things!

Here are mine:

1) I'm a choreographer!

2) I can make a living with my talents

3) Sassy sprinkles can erase stage fright

4) We are all made of stardust and pure love

5) I can survive a few days without sugar and red wine

6) The ginormous pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is mine to share and enjoy!

What are yours? 

Are you ready to go for YOUR gold? Click here to pick a time and get to work on making your impossible things possible and start making money with your talent! 

© 2015 Pamela C Wills, Int’l

Revolution Ringleader Pamela teaches multi-talented Artists from around the globe to make your art your business and make your talent your wealth. First claim your #artitude, then take over the 9 to 5, then rule the world! 

Get your FREE gift at and get rolling today!

Creating Connections

For the whole month of September, we have been talking about creativity and dreams for speaking and success. Those things that fuel the imagination and keep us motivated. The means and the results. Now that we're approaching the end of September AND the end of 2013 is less than 100 days away, I am feeling like I don't want to waste any time! Like I really want to zoom in on the important stuff. Especially in light of my partner's challenging current family situation. I want to focus on family, on love, on people, on connections.

Connections, the ties that bind, the glue -- that's the stuff that keeps us going and coming back for more. Take me, for example. Why do I do what I do, working around the clock to help people overcome their fears? Because I love my daughter. That's right. My daughter is my A#1 reason for everything that I do. If it weren't for her existence, I would have curled up into a ball in the corner a long time ago and just given up. True story.

But because of that connection, that responsibility, that LOVE, I have a need and a desire to create and succeed. I want to provide for her and set an example for her. That connection totally rocket fuels me. Every single day.

Part of what I do to meet those goals is make more connections with lots more people. (I think they call that networking, lol...) For the past several years since I moved back to the USA from Germany, I have slowly cultivated a tribe of mostly like-minded people around me. From close friends and immediate family, to friends and relatives, to acquaintances and colleagues, to virtual associates and local people I know by sight. These all constitute my collection of connections. I have cultivated them both online and offline because that is how I organize my business and my life.

Creating and cultivating connections keeps us focused on what's really important in life: People. Without people in our life, we are, well, alone. People make life worth living. Being alone is no good for our business life nor our social life!

There is nothing on this Earth quite like the satisfaction I feel when I know I've hit the sweet spot with a connection. Like today. Today, I spent two glorious hours on the phone ***in my PJs*** with my joint venture partner, Angel Quintana, brainstorming on a super juicy cool project we are creating together, launching in early 2014. It was magical! And get this: We have never even met in person. Yet! We have only ever seen each other on Skype, maybe once. The rest has been telephone talk and Facebook messaging. Do we care?? Not one bit. We've created a connection between us that sparks our imaginations and works for us both.


Or like last week, when I met a whole bunch of my boyfriend Marc's family members for the very first time, in a very sad situation during funeral services for his only brother. Over twenty years ago, his late brother had a daughter but due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, she had no connection with his side of the family until last week. Since then, we are now in close touch with Marc's niece, a new and very special connection. I also found new connections with two of Marc's oldest friends as well as his mother and her longtime partner. Creating connections throughout the week gave this difficult, emotional time a much appreciated, bright silver lining.

How can you create more connections in your life or for your business? Do you practice networking? Do you belong to a group that does stuff that you like doing? Do you regularly keep in touch with your connections via telephone, Skype, email or snail mail? Is there a connection you would like to rekindle?

Don't wait. Reach out.

Creative Juice

bigstock-Woman-hand-releasing-butterfli-26637047 copyWe all know someone who is incredibly creative, a Martha Stewart wannabe. The woman who can cook like a French chef, decorate like a top designer, throw a party like a rock star or scrapbook like nobody’s business. The woman we all want to be but think we’re not creative enough to emulate. As someone who is surrounded by creative people on a regular basis, I can tell you that creativity is inside all of us; it’s not as mysterious and difficult to tap as we think. In fact, I assert that all you need to do is discover your outlet and add a little juice.

What do I mean by juice? Well…hang on. First, we need to talk about your outlet. Actually, before that we really need to talk about creativity.

What is creativity, anyway? Wikipedia defines it as such:

Creativity refers to the phenomenon whereby a person creates something new (a product, a solution, a work of art, a novel, a joke, etc.) that has some kind of value.

Lots of wiggle room in that definition. Who defines “value” anyway?

Newsflash: YOU do.

So, if you’re the one defining value, then your definition of practicing creativity might include:

  • Reading your kids a story (character voices optional)
  • Cooking dinner or baking cookies
  • Teaching a classroom full of kids
  • Wrapping a gift or writing a report
  • Getting a toddler to eat vegetables
  • Decorating the tree or the table
  • Shooting a video of your dog eating an ice cream cone for widespread (hopefully viral) distribution on YouTube…

You get the picture. Whenever you create something or make something new, you are practicing your creativity.bigstock-Blond-Woman-With-Date-Book-409088

At this time of year, many of us practice creativity with our budgets. We’ve all experienced “getting creative” with our cash flow in order to buy the maximum amount of gifts while avoiding massive debt. The result is irrelevant to this discussion — it’s the practice, the “creative process”.

Do we all create? Absolutely.

Our processes? All different.

Our results? All different.

None of that matters. The point is, we all make stuff and we all make stuff happen.

So what do we all have in common? Let me hear you say it: Creativity!

bigstock-abstract-floral-pastel-toned-b-18912914 copyBy practicing creativity, making stuff and making stuff happen, we learn new things, hone our skills, create things of value, reinforce positive energy, improve productivity and boost self-esteem. Each of us provides a terrific example of successful, productive creativity.

Now that we’ve discussed the what, how about the how? How do you find your own creative outlet?

For me, my creative outlets have been clear since I was a kid: Writing and choreographing. I write stuff and I make up dances (True Confession: I used to combine them by writing musicals for my dolls and/or friends to perform, complete with a soundtrack played on my portable record player…). For you, it might be making jewelry, organizing volunteers, keeping a garden, making your own greeting cards, compiling playlists, tinkering with old cars, clearing out clutter, playing all-star basketball, writing a blog… This list could stretch for miles.

The point is, creating = producing something new. New things bring us energy. When we’re the ones doing the creating, we feel strong and confident that we are able to make something out of nothing, that we are able to achieve something, that we have learned and applied new skills.

Here is my challenge: Find your outlet. Try something new. Let your heart guide you. Don’t judge yourself. DO NOT entertain negative Self-talk that says, “You can’t do THAT!” or “Why rush into things? It can wait…” Just start, just do it. What have you always wanted to learn, achieve or even just attempt?

Sit with that for a minute… Feel your Self accept the answers you come up with. When you’re ready, we can talk about the juice…

Creative juice = imagination or ideas.

(No worries, this is really the easy part, I promise!)

In order to get your creative juices flowing, all you have to do is look around. That’s right. Just pay attention to the world around you.

Look at paintings and sculptures in a gallery or online. Watch professional athletes improvise during a match. See a live performance at a theater. Read books and blogs. Watch commercials. Watch YouTube. Listen to kids talk about anything at all — kids have TONS of juice.

And THAT, my friends, is all it takes. Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

1) Discover your outlet. 2) Get some juice. 3) Make stuff or make stuff happen. 4) Send me an email and tell me all about it!

(**Previously published in SoulWoman Sanctuary eMagazine, December 2012)