Color Your World

No, I'm not talking about Petula Clark's single or even the hit song by Chicago. I'm thinking more along the lines of Harold and his purple crayon.

For anyone who had no reason to read childrens' books in the early years of this new century, a popular one was called Harold and the Purple Crayon. Harold is a little boy who dreams of adventures that he draws for himself with, you guessed it, his purple crayon. His imagination and resulting drawings take him to the peaks of the highest mountains, across big wide oceans and even to the moon and back. In his dreams, Harold is the captain of his own ship, the master of his own destiny.

A little boy. And his little crayon.

So here's what I'm thinking... if a little boy can scale the mightiest mountains with just his dreams and his crayon, what's stopping YOU? I mean, what is holding you back from attempting that really scary thing you've been staring down for the past century or so?

Yeah, I'm talking to myself here, too. Yeah, there are actually a few big things left on my bucket list, too. Shocking, I know.

But seriously. We are almost at the half year mark. Time keeps on slipping into the future. What are you doing to create your own world? Are your dreams scary enough? Do you quake in fear at the very idea of getting started? Does success seem like a very far off possibility? 

Yeah. NOW we're talking.

Get out that purple crayon, people!! Yes, I'm serious.

1) Write down the thing that scares you the most about your biggest dream and why

2) Write (or draw, I know a lot of you are visual types) what could happen if that scariest of scary things happens (Psst.. it won't)

3) Write or draw that same scary thing without the scary parts

You know what I'm talking about. You know that big thing looks different without the scary parts. Let's see what it looks like in the sunlight, no shadows. No scary.

Take another look at it. Still scary? Sure, it might look big and challenging to accomplish. But scary? Not so much, right?

Crayons do that. Playing, using your imagination for good rather than for worrying can produce amazing results. Spend time every day imagining your biggest dreams without all the scary worrying stuff. No stress. Just fun! Look at it through fresh eyes, as if you just dreamed it up and drew it yourself. See how that feels. Create your own world with your own crayon.

Have crayon, will travel. ;)

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Instant Stage Fright Busters

Believing in our Selves is tough sometimes, right? I know how it is. I've been there. Heck, I GO there, right behind you sometimes! But if we are going to get anywhere, my dear, we are going to have to step it up. Going to have to find that voice. Going to have to use it! Going to have to get up and speak!

I mean, come on, how can you expect to move beyond middle management if speaking to your peers and/or managers makes you feel like you might lose your lunch?? How can you really reach bestseller status if you can't read from your own book to an audience of adoring readers without shaking and sweating like mad? How can you step into your true power if you don't FEEL powerful in front of any audience??

Right. That's where I can help.

Here are some of my fave stage fright busting tricks that will give you an INSTANT power rush. (Get ready, you're about to unleash your inner rock star now!)

woman-looking-in-mirror1) Use your mirror

Check your Self in the mirror. Stand there and smile at your Self. Embrace your face! You are beautiful! You are a woman. Women have tons of power! Learn to love how you look.

2) Use your voice

Sing, speak, hum as much as possible! In the car, in the shower, while gardening...Get used to hearing your own voice and get an internal massage, all at the same time. Learn to wield your voice with purpose and energy.

3) Use your head

Don't let your imagination run wild! Realize and understand that stage fright is all in your head. There is no tiger rushing the stage, intent on having you for lunch! The danger you imagine is NOT real. I promise.

4) Use your fear

That's right, you heard me. Flip those fearful thoughts from fright... to delight! Understand that the adrenaline rush of anxiety is the same as a rush of excitement. The physical symptoms are practically identical. Reframe that fear as joy and rock on!

5) Use your imagination

Pretend that your gig was already a smash hit! Visualize your Self performing or presenting to an adoring crowd that gives you a standing ovation! Over and over again. Every time!

6) Use your breath

Find your Zen. Breathe and center your Self. When you start to freak out about getting up onstage, bring your thoughts back to your Happy Place. Is it the beach? A log cabin? Your bathtub? Wherever you feel calmest. Whatever floats your boat. Go there. Be there. Breathe in calm, breathe out fright.

zteddy-bear-family217) Use your friends and family

Set up an audience at home and practice your speech. Use your kids, your spouse, your parents, pets... Other options include mops, brooms, teddy bears, mirrors, dolls, etc. (see #5, Use your imagination...). Get up and speak to them! Say what you want to say. Practice. Have fun!

Try some of these out and watch what happens. Remember, confidence is key!

It's Time

It is time to step up, peeps. No more dillydallying. No more avoiding, denying or procrastinating. No more pretending. It's time.

Time to be.


That's right, you heard me. It is time for you to just be.

Stop trying to be better, stronger, lighter. Stop pushing your Self to do more, do less, do everything. Stop beating your Self up for every bleeping item on your list that hasn't gotten done yet, done right, done better.

That's right, just stop.

Look. Listen.

Do you hear that?


I do. It's the sound of your heart beating.

Know what that means? Yeah, that's right. It means YOU ARE ALIVE!

Now, don't you think it's about time you start living??


I mean, what's holding you back? What are you afraid of, anyway?

Why let the little things keep you awake at night?

This life is your big shot, your golden opportunity to make a difference, to make progress, to make peace.

Why not start with you? The YOU that already IS.

Your I AM.

Your Self.

Just stop for a minute... and BE.

May your YOU be the best embodiment of all the best of all your hopes and dreams.





What are YOU going to be for Halloween?

When we were kids, Halloween was a little bit scary and LOTS of fun.  Dress up as something funny or pretty or terrifying, meet up with friends and go collect tons of candy -- how sweet is that?? Now that we are older and wiser, we still love to dress up and play pretend.  Am I right??  You know I'm right.  But what is it about playing pretend that has us hooked?

I'm guessing it's the pretend part, the escape of stepping into someone else's clothes (costume) and wearing a mask or make-up to help us forget about ourselves, even if it's just for a couple of hours.

Guess what I'm dressing up as this Halloween?... A fortune teller.  Yes, Nostradama, that's me.  Funny though, I didn't choose it for myself.  My daughter's wonderful Girl Scout troop leader, the amazing Miss Mary asked if I would consider the job for the troop's Halloween Party this weekend.  Of course, I said yes.  I've got a great skirt and loads of accessories and well, Mary is amazing so I said yes!  I will be Nostradama the Fortune Teller.

Since agreeing to this bit of folly, I've been thinking about something... How is a life coach like a fortune teller?  Or the opposite:  How is a life coach NOT like a fortune teller?

1) Coaches read between the lines of their clients' answers to questions rather than reading palms, tea leaves, stars and other prognosticative paraphenalia.  We do this to help clients realize their own insights rather than making predictions FOR them and basically telling them what to do or not to do.

2) Coaches encourage clients to foretell their own processes, make their own plans, stick to their own schedules.  Fortune tellers generally TELL their clients what is likely to happen.

3) Coaches don't usually tell you when they are scared, lonely, grouchy, anxious or any number of other human emotions in order to instill confidence.  (Come to think of it, fortune tellers probably don't do this, either...)

That's right, we pretend.  After all, we coaches are your go-to people when the going gets rocky, your cheerleaders, your mentors, your inspirations!  We can't fail.  It just wouldn't do.  Right??

Well, I sure can foretell one thing:  No one's going to believe that.  Any coach worth her salt talks about how she failed at least once, in a really big way, before becoming a coach.  So how did she get from failure to coach?  She got back up, that's how.  She didn't let failure define her.

As a matter of fact, I am the first to admit that I'm not perfect by any means.  For about a week, I've been in a very dark and grouchy place myself.  All kinds of negative and nasty outside influences have wrapped their icy fingers around my conscious mind... car repairs... PMS... stomach flu... ENDLESS weight plateau... friend with drama... January/February business plans... Christmas gifts to buy... writing this newsletter!... *sigh*

To be honest, the stomach flu mixed with PMS had me sinking pretty fast over the past couple of days.  I was so low that I couldn't face writing this newsletter.  Who's afraid -- ME??  You betcha.  Not afraid of the dark but terrified of scary movies.  Not afraid to eat raw oysters (yum) but terrified to embark on a 3-day green smoothie cleanse.  Not afraid to move to a foreign country and back home across the ocean again but terrified to fail at something as simple as writing my own newsletter.  How could I pretend to be strong when I was feeling so weak?  How could I blather on about conquering YOUR fears when I was wallowing in my own?

Well, I took one (not so pretty) look at my wallowing insides and decided to clean them up to make them match my outside, my positive coaching exterior.  Got back up.  Didn't let a couple of dark days define me.  And guess what -- it worked.  I'M BAAAACK!!!

If you don't change, you stand still. If you pretend to change, you just end up running around in circles. The only way to change is to walk forward, straight through all of the sh*t.  Worry about cleaning up once you get to the other side.

That, my friend, is where the ELASTICITY meets the road.