Lemons, Passion and The Waiting Place

"Living the Dream" is an expression many of us often use sarcastically, sometimes with an added dash of ennui, cynicism, even regret. As if the idea of dreaming is the biggest joke on the planet. As if the idea of pursuing our dreams is completely ridiculous. It's an expression that serves to numb our passions, dumb down our goals and make it okay for us to forget about them, give up on them.

Well I say it is NOT okay!! Self deprecating humor is the quickest way to turn our fresh delicious hopes and dreams into moldy old leftovers that no one wants anymore. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we give up on our most precious dreams just because achieving them isn't always easy? 

Giving up is lame. Keeping on is where it's at.

Keeping our passions fresh and front of mind keeps us young, vibrant and alive. Those passions drive us forward and push us to grow and improve. They bring us new experiences, new lessons and new connections. Why would anyone want to give up on all that goodness??

What about you, are you still feeling fresh about your creative passions? Do you still get excited about turning the lemons life sometimes throws at you into sweet lemonade? Would you still rather follow your dreams than stay miserable working for someone else's dream? Are you living your own dream yet?

Lots of big questions, I know. I realize none of it is easy, believe me. Just a few short years ago, I was there in The Waiting Place, too. You know, like The Waiting Place in Dr. Seuss' classic, Oh! The Places You'll Go!

Also known as "I love my job, I love my job, really I do!"...

You might even be waiting if you're running your own business. You might be playing small, avoiding opportunities to grow. You might just be afraid to grow. Growth means change and change can be scary. I know. I get it.

Here's my advice: Grow anyway. Change anyway.

Change is going to happen, whether you like it or not. Whether you direct the flow or just let it happen to you. I guarantee that! So why not put yourself in the driver's seat? Why not jump right in and push yourself to grow and change?

Make your own choices instead of letting the choices choose you. 

Make the decisions yourself before the hard decisions become even harder and start to chase you down. Make the changes before the changes happen to you, blindside you, throw you for a loop. Because they will.


Let me make it easy for you. Contact me today for your complimentary Growth Hacks appointment. Let me show you how you can stop waiting and playing small. Let me help you kick start your growth. I really want you to succeed!

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6 Reasons to Stop Trash Talking Your Money

Hey there, Artist!

Recently, while chatting with a new acquaintance I realized that I hear the same thing over and over again from so many seriously creative, seriously multi-talented Artists -- they are constantly trash talking MONEY! Trashing people who make a lot of money, bashing people who spend a lot of money on art / theatre / designer goods, hating on the people who employ them in side jobs (and pay them money), etc. etc. etc. It's a steady stream of complaints.

I get sooo frustrated because money is not just about BANK -- it's about how you show up in the world and what you communicate about yourself to the people you meet. True story!

Truly, I hear far too many stories, excuses and past-the-expiration-date beliefs that lead amazing Artists with fabulous talent to cave in and hide out instead of allowing themselves to be the incredible creative entrepreneurs they are truly meant to be.

Listen: Allowing your craptalk about money to rule your daily life and how you live it can seriously hold you back and keep you from succeeding BIG TIME.

And I am sooo serious when I tell you that is the LAST thing I want for you! What I really want is for you to STOP the trash talk and START standing up for your inner Artist, so you can attract fans and everything else you want in your life and creative business.

How do you do that? You have to start at the start. As your Ringleader and business coach, I'm here to point out SIX ways that your last century starving artist mentality could be holding you back -- not just in your art and business but also in other parts of your life:

1) You mope around a lot and complain about how there's no money in show business / music business / art world / fashion design (fill in the blank here!). You accept the mantle of the Victim and bend anyone's ear who's willing to lend it about OH WOE IS ME.

***Ugh that attitude holds you back in so many ways! Drop the victim mentality and start filling your head with positive motivational thoughts. It will make a world of difference!

2) You cower behind your computer instead of using it to network on social media, on blogs, or on your own website (you DO have a website, don't you?...) You also avoid showing up at networking events in your community because you've decided that only corporate people -- you know, those sell outs to "The Man" -- do that sort of thing. Artists don't do that. Artists make art.

***Sigh I'm sorry but this is the biggest cop-out ever. Quit playing the Invisible Artist! Get out there and start sharing your talents with the world! That is the ONLY way they will learn about you and your amazing work.

3) You know damn well that you're a unique, multi-talented, amazing Artist. But you don't feel comfortable selling those talents because it feels like boasting and you were taught that bragging is wrong, that you'll repel people if you do it. So you don't really do any selling. So... you don't really sell anything. Zip. Zero. Nada.

***Yeah, see #2. Then just get out there and BE YOURSELF! If you are excited about your work, about getting attention for your work, then just talk about how excited you are! I do it all the time. If you're authentically excited, your excitement will be contagious. BOOM you're sharing and selling and people are buying. You're welcome.

4) You see your exit coming up on the Highway of Life and you know it's NOT the right moment and it's definitely NOT the right exit! It's too soon because you haven't really gone after your really big dreams and hit the big time. You hate to think it's too late, but you feel paralyzed and without a clue how to change course.

***EEEEKKK PULL OVER!!! No joke. Take the detour! Explore, adventure, play and imagine how your journey can be different from here on out. Then just go do it!!

5) You hate making decisions. You hate change. You hate trying new things. You hate how the world is changing so fast. You hate the fact that all the real news happens online. You hate the whole IDEA of online. Newsflash: All that hate is ossifying your brain and fossilizing your heart. I'm just guessing, but you're probably feeling cranky and bitchy pretty often, or maybe you're overindulging in sugar, alcohol or other crutches in order to numb yourself and avoid the real issues.

***Enough with the hate! See #1. Then just force yourself to try something new every day, every week, every month. Never tried raw oysters? They are DELISH! Never learned how to hulahoop? I know a gal who can teach you, shoot me a message! Always wanted to play guitar? Find yourself a teacher and second hand instrument and you're off! Trying new things regularly will work that change muscle and keep it limber and strong -- super important for any creative success story.

6) When you look in the mirror, you have zero idea who you're looking at. After all these years, you still don't know who the hell you are or what you really want to do. You've buried your dreams and passions so deep inside you, sacrificed it all in order to make a living and make ends meet. Now, you're almost a stranger to yourself. And at this point, you worry that it might be too late.

***WRONG! It's never too late! Seriously, I can come up with at least ten stories about late bloomer success stories, including my Dad, who became a lawyer at age 69!

Here are a few more: Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, George Eliot, Mark Twain, Leonard Cohen, Terry Gilliam, Robert Frost, Marina Abramovic, Lucinda Williams, Morgan Freeman, Edward Hopper, Thelonius Monk, Toni Morrison, Kathryn Bigelow, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Maya Angelou, Lucille Ball, Alan Rickman and get this, Dr. Seuss! Stop fretting and just do it.

Tell me, how many of these six signs are true for you? If you identify with even one of these, then you have some work to do, my friend. It's time to put your grownup Artist's shoes on and start sharing your gifts with the rest of the world. Amiright??

Let me ask you this: 
If today were the first day of the rest of your life (yep), what ONE THING would you do TODAY to stop your trash talk, start pulling away from all this gunky negativity and finally start showing up as the awesome Artist you know you really are?? Hit reply and tell me all about it!

Are you feeling in your bones that this is the moment for you to change course? Do you want this year to finally be the year that you turn it all around and start becoming the Artist you know you are truly meant to be?

If that sounds like you, then let's talk! Luckily for you, I'm currently offering my VIP training course, The Modern Business Plan for Success in the Arts at a fabulously affordable price (there's even a payment plan option) -- but I only have three spots left!

After those three spots are filled, the price will increase significantly, so be sure to schedule a call even if you're just feeling curious and have a few questions. I can't wait to chat with you!


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Revolution Ringleader Pamela C Wills is a choreographer and writer with a passion for business who teaches multitalented creatives how to turn their talents into cash. Her Get Your Big Break! program dives into three strategies to level up your creative success. Want to make money in the arts? Don’t just dabble in your art, download your FREE report, "Turn Your Talents into Cash: 10 Simple Steps" at www.PamelaCWills.com and start calling YOUR shots today!

Bold is the New Gold

Here's the thing: No one ever hit it big by playing it small. No one ever slayed the Jabberwocky by retreating back into little girl shoes. No one ever made history without throwing a little shade and sass.

Bold is the new gold, peeps. You want to go for the gold? Well then, you're gonna have to bring the BOLD.

Synonyms for bold: brave, daring, crazy, audacious, courageous, sassy, confident, fearless, strong

I bet if you dig a little, you have at least a little bit of sass, strength or crazy deep down in you. Amiright??

Let's count our own Six Impossible Things!

Here are mine:

1) I'm a choreographer!

2) I can make a living with my talents

3) Sassy sprinkles can erase stage fright

4) We are all made of stardust and pure love

5) I can survive a few days without sugar and red wine

6) The ginormous pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is mine to share and enjoy!

What are yours? 

Are you ready to go for YOUR gold? Click here to pick a time and get to work on making your impossible things possible and start making money with your talent! 

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Get your FREE gift at www.pamelacwills.com and get rolling today!

Escape the Frozen Tundra

True confession: I have had a totally sucky winter this year. I mean, I'm considering writing the script for a new (dark) musical called, Escape the Frozen Tundra. Okay I admit, the title needs work but the ice dancing numbers will be sooo cool... Seriously though, I am not one to complain but man! I might need treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder this year! These snowy cold grey blahs have really clenched my brain in an icy grip. Once Downton Abbey was over it was all over for me. And so now here I sit, frozen.

frozendanceLet it go, let it go... I can hear you singing, I mean, telling me... Well, I am certainly working on it. And let's be real here, my life is really pretty good. All the basics are in place. Plus, I just finished choreographing a fabutastical musical revue that has completely sold out! I've also booked tickets for a trip to sunny Florida to see my man. And I'm about to take my business into the coolest new direction EVER... #artbizrevo

So what's my problem, right?? What the FUNK, right??? I mean, I keep writing about how to unfunkify yourself and how to beat the blues and love yourself, right?? Here's the thing: I truly believe that it's important for me to walk my talk, so whenever I'm going through something, I take you all along for the ride. Fun, right??

Well, right now I am definitely going through something. I am not exactly sure what it is. I am not exactly sure where it's going to lead me. I don't even really know how to describe it. I've read some posts and blogs by some of my coaching friends who have said they are going through similar funky things and feeling alternately detached, overwhelmed, disconnected, dissatisfied, discontented, impatient, restless and just plain tired. Me, I'm all of the above PLUS very UNcomfortably numb. Are you feeling me? Are you feeling anything similar?

Maybe it's the current planetary influences, maybe it's just the sucky freaking winter blahs... All I know is that change it IS a comin'. I'm feeling wings just below the surface, ready to sprout. Just like spring changes the whole landscape when winter ends. Just like the brave crocus pushes up through the snow. Just like the phoenix rises from the ashes.

But for right now, I'm still wallowing in the ashes. Not quite risen yet. The worst part of change is the part just before the change, when you can feel the necessity of it but you can't figure out what exactly needs to change, or how. It's that phase when all kinds of crazy sh!z shows up from your past in one form or another, boom boom boom and you're like, are you KIDDING me, AGAIN?? Haven't I been here before, learned this lesson already?

Apparently not. Or maybe, just maybe this funky freaking nasty ash winter descended upon us to give us pause. Pause to reconsider and reevaluate.

Sometimes the icky dissatisfied feelings are a good sign, like growth after an illness. Ever notice how kids grow like weeds after they've had a bad cold or flu? Or how refreshed and ready you feel after getting over a cold yourself? It's like you've taken the time to slow down, recuperate and regroup. And now you can move on with verve.

As for me, I've experienced more than one of these icky phases since last fall. I'm ready to be through it and over it! Transformation is afoot... Are you with me?... Watch us rise...


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Talk to Connect

Have you heard? My upcoming co-hosted LIVE event is getting juicier and juicier! My co-host and I sat down this week and mapped out the details of your benefits and goodies for this awesometastic happening. Everybody Loves Lola with Business Trendsetter Angel Quintana debuts in Orlando, FL in February 2014. If you want to host your OWN lux live event but need the skills to carry off your unique branding AND manage your fear of getting up onstage, THIS is the event for you! Today's post is an audio from The Haven, Angel's fab downtown marketing scene and a preview for what you'll get from Lola!

Feb 21-23, 2014 Everybody Loves Lola Co-Hosted with Angel Quintana in Orlando, FL! Click and sign up on the page to get in with the In Crowd!

gabfest on the haven

Listen to our Gabfest right here.

Decisions, Decisions

PURPLE - Copy These days, I color my hair purple if I want to. But several years ago, I was a woman who let my “man” control every aspect of my life. First it was my (now ex-) husband, controlling our money (he used to “give” me a small weekly allowance), my wardrobe and style (I let him approve all my choices), our living space (big, empty and expensive), our friendships (my friends were never good enough), my career (I worked for him on his projects for several years)… Yeah, it was a very long list.

After I left him, I let my rebound boyfriend control me in lots of similar ways and areas, including money, style, friendships and my career. That list was pretty long, too. Frying pan into the fire, as they say.

Of course, there were times in both relationships that were fun and wonderful, especially at the beginning. Funny thing is, I’ve always been considered kind of a smarty pants. Always thought of my Self that way, too. Turns out, brains have very little to do with codependency. Why doesn’t anyone teach us that in school??

It took me a few years to figure out the obvious truth that chasing other people’s dreams is a fruitless pursuit. As in Nowhereland. I never got one step closer to anywhere doing that.  In fact, I constantly felt like I was treading water, furiously thrashing around in an attempt to keep my Self from going under. Constantly trying to find a whiff of oxygen to keep the tiny flame of my own voice alive.

Twice, some last-straw piece of controlling nonsense in the guise of “help” finally woke me up to the fact that nothing was going to change — and if I didn’t do something quickly, I would absolutely go under. I just knew that my flame would definitely extinguish itself.

So I left. Dumped him. Washed that man right outta my hair. Twice. BOOM! End of drama. Well, to be totally honest, washing out the drama took awhile, both times. But that’s a story for another day.

Today’s story is about how I finally decided to be ME after I finally made the decisions to walk. In both cases, it was finally time. But yikes! What did that really mean?? I mean, who was this ME, anyway??

Oh man… it took quite a bit of time to remember, rediscover and reinvent ME. I’m the first one to admit that.

At first, I felt like I was peeking out through a hole in a tiny little box, frightened to put my Self out into the big, scary world all alone. I could not make decisions without lots of turmoil. I could not imagine my Self or my life beyond tomorrow or next week. I felt like I imagine a recovering addict must feel. Because that’s basically what I was.


But I was determined to be ME! So determined, in fact, that I probably drove my family a little bit crazy in the process… What else could I do? I have a (fantabulous!) young daughter who I love more than life, so I had to move forward. Had to let go, move on.

How did I do it? Well, I'd love to tell you it was easy. But it was far from that. Turns out, the only way through the fire is through the fire! I forced my Self to take long, hard looks in the mirror every day. I pushed my Self to stop being afraid. I willed my Self to think about MY opinions, MY preferences, MY needs. And yeah, I cried a lot. Read a lot of nonfiction Self-help books. Made some great new friends. Practiced forgiveness. Did some major personal growth work.

But let me tell you, once I reached the other side of that fire I found absolute inner paradise! Because it is MY other side, MY paradise. And it just keeps on getting better, every day.

733973_10151410815853884_2113358289_n - Copy

Are you feeling me? Have you or someone you love gone through something like this, or maybe still going through it right now? If so, I want you to know that help is available. I wish I had had someone impartial to guide me, listen to me, ask me questions and help me set goals while I was going through my deep valley. Now that I’ve come out the other side, I have lots of tools to help others find their way to the other side.

You do NOT have to do this all alone. If you’re interested in a complimentary discovery session, send me an email at info@pamelawills.com to set up a time. Let's do this together!

8 Ways to Feel Good NOW

I used to think that happy people were weird. Seriously! I thought there was something wrong with them, that they must be fake and superficial and even a little bit dumb. Yep, I was a hater, peeps. A true Kafka reading, Cure listening, no smiles kind of gal. Hard to believe, right??

Well, I've figured a few things out since then. Like smiling is good for me. And laughing is like an instant internal massage. And happy people aren't weird or stupid, we're just...happy! Oh and best of all, I am now one of them!

So now that I've accepted that fact and sent it out into the world, I can go ahead and allow my Self to feel good and be happy whenever and as often as I like. Pretty cool, right??

Psst...Newsflash: SO CAN YOU.

Right here, right now, as you are mapping out your 2013 with fresh goals and fresh resolutions, think about this: How do you want to FEEL? I'm thinking "GOOD" is probably going to be the most popular answer to that question. So I've put together a short list of 8 tips for feeling good NOW:

1) Smile and laugh as often as possible. Do whatever you can to make that happen! Watch comedy on TV or at the movies. Play with your kids and/or pets. Start a tickle fest!!! Read the Sunday comics if all else fails. Laughter = internal massage. Instant feel good moment.

2) Say thank you when you receive a compliment. Don't pass it off, don't instantly turn it around, don't swat it away like a fly. Absorb it. Feel it sink into the part of you that was complimented. Feel its truth. Accept it. Believe it! Now, say thank you. Didn't that feel GOOD??

3) Keep a Gratitude Journal and/or a Success Journal. Write about your achievements and blessings daily. You can also write on slips of paper and keep them in a jar or a box instead. Go back and read them whenever you hit a wall. There is nothing quite like written proof that you are awesome for lifting your spirits!

4) Connect with a good friend. You all know that friendship keeps us not just sane but ALIVE, right?? Right. So pick up the phone, get on your chat line, start texting, meet for coffee or drinkies TODAY. Our friends are GOLD. Knowing we are valued and understood by our closest friends and demonstrating the same for them is one of the best feel good tonics on the planet.

5) Practice a little Self care. Take a hot bubble bath and use the fancy soap. Get or give your Self a pampering mani and/or pedi. Build time to exercise into your daily schedule and move your body regularly. Eat clean, nutritious food -- nurture your body with healthy yummy stuff that fuels your muscles and your brain. And ladies, do your Self a favor -- put on a little lipstick before you head out the door. It's amazing how it can brighten your face and your mood!

6) Hug someone! Your partner, your parent, your kid, your pet or even your Self! We all need love and the healing power of touch, every day. Hugs are often welcomed and appropriate, especially among relatives and friends. Your Dad doesn't like to hug? Are you sure? Try it and see, you might be surprised!

7) Listen to your favorite music. Music makes the world go round! Listening to your favorite songs counts as one of the most popular ways to boost your mood. Whether your feel good music is techno, pop, rock, punk, classical, reggae, hiphop or Gregorian chant (yeah, you heard me right), get it spinning and get your smile on! Check my "Be Your Self" playlist from April 2012 for some of my own suggestions.

8) Visualize your dreams. Since I'm a word person and visualization doesn't happen easily for me, I've been making vision boards ever since I was a kid. I love choosing words, phrases and images from magazines, cutting them out and using them to design my pieces. I choose a theme or an idea and then start gluing, placing my biggest word or idea first and then adding as I feel like it. This process takes care of two things for me: 1) it gets my creative juices going and 2) it helps me to solidify my goals. Bonus: I get to look at my finished piece as often as I want and be reminded of the dreams that spurred me to create it. Playful manifestation!

Here's one more bonus (Rated A for ADULTS...): Have sex! Grab your mate or your fave toy and enjoy your Self! Empty your mind of the mundane, release your inhibitions and just have some fun. BTW, it's okay to laugh in bed. That way, you get simultaneous internal AND external massage! ;)

Now go and Get Your Sizzle On!™

Thank Full

Last November, I picked up a thread on Facebook regarding gratitude and thankfulness.  The thread suggested posting one thing I was thankful for every day during the entire month of November. So I did.

Trust me, I wasn't completely convinced that it would make any difference at all.  But I'd had such a crap month of October 2011 that I was ready to give it a whirl.  Believe it or not, that one simple act every day completely transformed my thinking, my feelings and my life.  Immediately.  Tangibly.  It was amazing!

Right away, new and different opportunities started knocking at my door:

1) Go Big! Coach Kristen Howe starting talking with me about ways we might work together.  Thankfully, that was the very beginning of my new expert status with her. =)

2) The local theater I now work with regularly offered me the choreography position for the winter 2012 show, Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris.  I accepted and made incredible new friends during that box office record-busting show.  Thankfully, I have continued choreographing there, most recently for the summer 2012 production of Cabaret.  Have I mentioned how much fun I had working on Cabaret??  TONS.

3) A local radio show host and friend offered to interview me on the topic of goal setting for the New Year 2012, my second time with them (which thankfully led to my third interview, coming up on December 29th).

November 2011 also marked the beginning of my mindset shift from lack to abundance.  In other words, I started thinking about my wealth and money more positively.  I stopped worrying about how much I didn't have and focused instead on how much I actually did have.  And I paid more attention to what I was creating and earning from all the new opportunities coming my way instead of lamenting the ones that had gotten away.  Thankfully, this new mindset has continued to grow ever since; as a result, so has my abundance, in so many ways!

Soon after the end of November, another opportunity arrived to join a new online business learning community.  In mid December, I joined Ali Brown's Elevate class and have never regretted a single moment or dollar spent on it.  In fact, I recently signed on for Year Two, full of excitement for where the next 12 months of learning and networking within that WOW community of women will take me.

This fullness of thanks and gratitude has filled me up all year long.  Truth:  The more I say thank you, the more good things come to me.  The more I love my life, the better it gets.  The more I give, the more I get back.  It's not always immediately apparent, but it always happens.  Because I KNOW it's going to happen.  It always happens, so I know it will happen again.  And again.  And again.

Saying thank you -- to whomever you choose, be it God or the Universe or your banker or your Mommy -- is the best cure for all kinds of what ails you.  Try it.

Now that it's November again, I am most definitely saying thank you.  Out loud.  Online.  Every day.  I've already started giving thanks on Facebook.  I call the things I'm grateful for my "Gratitudes" (thanks to my FB peeps for approving my new word!).  I've also promised to give a gift at month's end (not telling what it is yet...) to the FB fan with the best story about how expressing gratitude this month changed her/his life.  Want to play, too?  Just like my page and post your own Gratitudes!

Need a kick start with your own Gratitudes?  Book a Spark Session with me.  Done and done.