Be the Exception

For some reason, I seem to be a magnet for people who used to dream of becoming artists, musicians and writers. Why is that??? Ooh right, probably because I buried my scaredy-cat head in the sand and then buried my own childhood dream of becoming a Broadway dancer and choreographer right next to it, for a couple of decades. Buried it like, six feet under.

A couple of years ago, I finally resuscitated that old dream and made good on it. Choreographed the show of my dreams, too: Cabaret. (Those are my dancers below, posing at the end of theWillkommen number that kicked off the show every night.) Sold out every performance at our Cape Cod theater for a month. BAM! I was finally a choreographer. I made my dream come true. I pursued it, worked on it, made it reality. Even made a little money at it.

Since then, it has occurred to me that when we're kids, all the sensible grown up people in our lives sell us the same myth that they were sold as kids -- that no one can possibly make a living at doing something we love, something we're totally passionate about.



Sure, why on earth would it be possible for an artist with talent and a burning need to create art to succeed? How could a creative and ambitious musician possibly make any steady money?

IDK, why not ask any number of artists and musicians how they are making it work? Ask Lady Gaga! She's got both art AND music going on!

There are so many many examples of talented artists, musicians, actors, comedians, dancers, writers, photographers, designers who worked their way up from the bottom to the top of their field. Who are making tons of money at it, too.

I know, I know, you're probably thinking what you've been told your whole life: those people got there via unscrupulous means, or they knew someone in the business, or someone owed them a favor.

I think J.K. Rowling might beg to differ.

And don't tell me about how the odds are stacked against us or how the big shots who actually do make it are the rare exceptions, not the rules.

Let me ask you this: What makes you think you're not one of the exceptions?? I mean, you're just as smart and amazingtastic as the next hot sh!t, right?? Then it follows logically that your work is hot, too.

You KNOW I'm right.

Let me tell you this: The ONLY difference between you and the household name Artist is courage. The courage to take risks. Courage to persevere in the face of doubt and challenges. Courage to promote and talk about themselves a LOT. Courage to step into much bigger shoes. Courage to go for the gold!

Courage takes guidance, nurturing, practice. Need help with that? Give me a shout. Let's do this. 

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