Body Confidence, Part 2

When I arrive at Amy's studio, she greets me in the driveway and grabs a couple of my bags, chatting away about how exciting and how much fun and the afternoon sunlight is great upstairs in the studio. She shows me inside and upstairs to her beautiful studio, giving me space in my own bathroom with plenty of room for all of my...luggage. After putting a bottle of water in my hand, she offers to take my bag-big-enough-for-my-12-year-old-daughter and lay my stuff out while I get organized. She makes me feel comfy right away.

And then she says, Let's get the "before" shot out of the way, while the light is still good.


"To lose confidence in one’s body is to lose confidence in oneself.” ― Simone de Beauvoir

True confession: I am sooooo NOT excited about this BEFORE part!!! No makeup, no hair, no ZERO!!! Gulp.

But, the interest of science, marketing and CONFIDENCE... Here goes...

Remember, this is the BEFORE picture. =)

Whew! Glad that is over with! Next up: Hair and makeup. I set to work rolling up my locks and laying on my foundation. Amy puts together outfits, jewelry and checks her equipment. Every once in awhile she comments on the shifting Cape Cod sunlight conditions. The afternoon is waning. After a little more than an hour, my hair, makeup, costumes and lighting are all in place. We begin the GLAM shoot... And achieve something like 12 different looks in 90 minutes. Amy is a serious pro! I learn about all kinds of camera-loving tricks from her, the most important being twist your body, lean your head forward and tilt your chin down. This top secret info feels like supermodel GOLD to me...

And this is the first result...

By the same logic as the above quote by that iconic poetess, to gain confidence in one's body is to gain confidence in one's Self. This statement really rocks my world! On so many levels...

Level One My face! Just look at what a little bit of makeup can do. I SWEAR to you, I did not plaster it on. Basic foundation, basic concealer, a tiny bit of powder and blush. A little heavy on the smoky eyes. Basic lipstain and gloss. Exactly what I wear for a big night out. INSTAGLAM.

Level Two My hair! I kid you not, I show up at Amy's studio all worried that I haven't done my roots, I need a trim, blah blah. All I do is roll it up for awhile, blow it out and scrunch some paste and hairspray through it.

Level Three Photoshop is magic. That's all I'm sayin'.

Level Four Wearing clothing with attitude makes me feel like throwing around some 'tude, that is for sure! And it's not just the clothes, or the makeup. It's the whole kit and kaboodle. Getting dressed up, primped and primed, made up and bejeweled -- it all makes me feel like a celebrity supermodel doing a photoshoot! And I mean, how fun is that??? I can tell you -- SUPER FUN!!!

Level Five Once I decide I'm having fun (that doesn't take long!), I decide to really go for it! Amy even uses a hairdryer at one point to give me that "blowing in the wind" look! I put on all of my (faux) fur and totally glam it up. I decide that if I'm going to do this glam thing, I am going to go for the gold!!!

Level Six I have rarely felt so comfortable in my own skin in front of a camera. A large percentage of this feeling comes from Amy, her professional expertise and great personality. The rest (it's a big chunk, too, I realize) comes from my own evolved feelings of confidence in my body and my looks. A few years ago, I might not have felt this comfortable doing these glam shots. But now, I LOVE it. And I decide that the real me and the glamorous me (henceforth, GlamPam) are one and the same.

At the end of our afternoon together in her studio, I am so grateful to Amy for giving me the opportunity to feel beautiful in lots of new ways. It was an experience I will never forget and one that I highly recommend!

I will post more photos on my blog as they become available. Thanks for taking this journey with me!