Bold is the New Gold

Here's the thing: No one ever hit it big by playing it small. No one ever slayed the Jabberwocky by retreating back into little girl shoes. No one ever made history without throwing a little shade and sass.

Bold is the new gold, peeps. You want to go for the gold? Well then, you're gonna have to bring the BOLD.

Synonyms for bold: brave, daring, crazy, audacious, courageous, sassy, confident, fearless, strong

I bet if you dig a little, you have at least a little bit of sass, strength or crazy deep down in you. Amiright??

Let's count our own Six Impossible Things!

Here are mine:

1) I'm a choreographer!

2) I can make a living with my talents

3) Sassy sprinkles can erase stage fright

4) We are all made of stardust and pure love

5) I can survive a few days without sugar and red wine

6) The ginormous pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is mine to share and enjoy!

What are yours? 

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