Catching My Breath!

Lately, I've been writing about The Art of Money and getting wonderful comments and responses from so many of you. Money touches so many nerves and probably occupies our minds at least as much as food and sex, right?? If you haven't read them yet, check the series on my blog: The Money Block, Treat Your Money Like a Work of Art, How to Charm Lady Luck and Give Your Money a Happy HomeFeel free to leave your comments there, too!

This week, I spent most of my time at the theatre rehearsing for our show, The Beat Goes On, that opened last night. It was a crazy week but so very worth it when it all came together like magic last night. The cast, the band and the crew all performed fabulously and the audience, well, see for yourself (click on the pic for a sweet video):

 Aquarius, photo by Rodney Lewis

Aquarius, photo by Rodney Lewis

All I have to say is, express your creativity every day, in every way! 

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