Color Your World

No, I'm not talking about Petula Clark's single or even the hit song by Chicago. I'm thinking more along the lines of Harold and his purple crayon.

For anyone who had no reason to read childrens' books in the early years of this new century, a popular one was called Harold and the Purple Crayon. Harold is a little boy who dreams of adventures that he draws for himself with, you guessed it, his purple crayon. His imagination and resulting drawings take him to the peaks of the highest mountains, across big wide oceans and even to the moon and back. In his dreams, Harold is the captain of his own ship, the master of his own destiny.

A little boy. And his little crayon.

So here's what I'm thinking... if a little boy can scale the mightiest mountains with just his dreams and his crayon, what's stopping YOU? I mean, what is holding you back from attempting that really scary thing you've been staring down for the past century or so?

Yeah, I'm talking to myself here, too. Yeah, there are actually a few big things left on my bucket list, too. Shocking, I know.

But seriously. We are almost at the half year mark. Time keeps on slipping into the future. What are you doing to create your own world? Are your dreams scary enough? Do you quake in fear at the very idea of getting started? Does success seem like a very far off possibility? 

Yeah. NOW we're talking.

Get out that purple crayon, people!! Yes, I'm serious.

1) Write down the thing that scares you the most about your biggest dream and why

2) Write (or draw, I know a lot of you are visual types) what could happen if that scariest of scary things happens (Psst.. it won't)

3) Write or draw that same scary thing without the scary parts

You know what I'm talking about. You know that big thing looks different without the scary parts. Let's see what it looks like in the sunlight, no shadows. No scary.

Take another look at it. Still scary? Sure, it might look big and challenging to accomplish. But scary? Not so much, right?

Crayons do that. Playing, using your imagination for good rather than for worrying can produce amazing results. Spend time every day imagining your biggest dreams without all the scary worrying stuff. No stress. Just fun! Look at it through fresh eyes, as if you just dreamed it up and drew it yourself. See how that feels. Create your own world with your own crayon.

Have crayon, will travel. ;)

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