Comfort Equals Death

Are you feeling a little too comfortable lately? Like you never want to leave your boring old, painful old, draining old comfort zone?

Well, that is all well and good if you are all set with your job. Your relationship. Your home. Your education. You KNOW what I'm talking about.

However, if you are thinking about using your creative juice, making plans, setting goals and otherwise getting out there and on the move, you know that comfort equals death. As in comfortably numb (thank you, Pink Floyd…). If this sounds like you, then it is time to get up off of that overstuffed sofa and out onto the open road.  Get ready peeps, we are leaving the comfort zone now...

#1 - Decide No worries, this first step may still be completed from the comfort of your sofa. Just don’t take all year already! Give yourself a deadline to consider your options. What happens if your plan works? What happens if it doesn’t work? Is this the right step, in the right direction? Decide.

#2 - Get tougher Trust me, what makes you tougher won’t kill you. (Um, if you choose to leave the C-zone for something that could actually kill you, well, that’s another area altogether, one that I am not trained to help with. We are NOT talking about dangerous, life-threatening actions here!) Really — doing something different or differently will not end the world. Just enjoy the ride.

#3 - Dig deep What will you miss out on or give up if you continue to just sit there on your comfy sofa for all eternity?? Might you bore yourself to tears? Miss out on a chance to take the spotlight? Never experience love again? Think about it. Is remaining in the C-zone really all that great in comparison?

#4 - Put your Self first As women, we hear this all the time. We know it makes sense. But do we really take this advice to heart? It is NOT selfish to take care of your Self, get enough rest, exercise and good nutrition. It does NOT make you a Bad Mommy if you go out with the girls one night a month, or have a date with your partner once a week. It does NOT make you a bad person if you say no to the fifth or sixth or seventeenth person requesting your precious volunteer time. There is only so much of you to go around! When you put your Self first, you start to hear your own voice. Not your mother's voice. Not your partner's voice. Just yours. What are you saying? What do you REALLY want??


#5 - Take baby steps No need to take extra giant leaps here, not if you are out of practice and not if you are looking to make small changes. Decide on tiny increments and make your road a gentle path rather than a speeding rollercoaster. It’s okay. We can't all be Lady Gaga.

#6 - No excuses You heard me.

#7 - Do something Anything! Anything related to whatever it is you are shaking up. Want to go back to school to be a nurse? Contact some local schools and request info packets. Want to renovate your bathroom? Get thee to the hardware store and pick up some paint samples! Want to change your career, or maybe the world? Get online and start digging for possibilities. See what happens!

Ready to get up off that comfy sofa now? Give me a call, I can help you get started!