My Commitments

After my call urging you to commit last week, quite a few of you posted and sent your own goals for 2014. And then you asked me to do the same. Done! Here are My Commitments for 2014:

1) Live each day fully.Sermon-Series-Called-to-Commitment

This commitment includes making the most of my Haves. Stepping out of my comfort zone. Going for new adventures even if they seem unrealistic. Playing my biggest game yet.

2) Look forward and inward.

Today and tomorrow are so much more important than yesterday. My inner peace is more important than any drama.

3) Love my Self, inside outside backwards forwards up and down.

I think this is clear. And I believe that every other blessing flows directly from this one commitment.

4) Love my loved ones, inside outside backwards forwards up and down.

And tell them so, in very clear terms, often.

5) Do whatever it takes to help others feel confidence and courage and Self love.

Your desire for growth fuels my desire to serve you. I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve you.

Yes, riding the wild horses is definitely the right theme for me this year. Guided by my intuition and informed by my experience, I'm ready to help you do the same, should you choose to accept the challenge. Join me  if you dare!