Create Your Own Road Map

Been basking in your accomplished glory all week, I trust?...  No??  Sigh.  To be honest, even though I did enjoy a few moments of YAY! last week (see note above on my 15.30 minute mile, uh-huh!), neither have I, not as much as I would have liked.  It doesn't take long to start right back at Square One, listening to that awful Negative Nellie berate us for not doing or being enough.  I really need to fire that girl... Anyway, believe it or not, there is actually a movement going on right now led by bloggers and other sundry advisors who suggest that we simply stop setting and reaching for goals altogether.  As in, forget about it.  No more striving.  Just be.


Well, I am all for that -- in some cases.  For super over-achievers who can never put the brakes on or appreciate life and what it's all about, I think that is a great idea.  But in my opinion, it's kind of an advanced state of Nirvana, not really meant for those of us who want to actually accomplish a few things before bedtime.

Myself, I find it extremely helpful to set some markers each day, week, month and year in a few different areas of my life.

In fact, if you happen to be the lucky winner of my Holiday Goal-Setting Session (see above for details on how to become eligible), you will get an up-close view of exactly how I do that.  In brief, I map out several different life categories specific to each client's individual long-term plans.  For me personally, those categories might include Wellness, Business, Savings, Creativity, Spirit, Family/Friends and Travel because those are my own personal buzzwords.  For you, they might include Career, Finances, Faith, Fitness, Home Improvement, Self Improvement, Scrapbooking, Education, Yard Work, Mani/Pedis... You get the idea.

After we define your categories, we delve into some details about plans, desires and dreams.  You can certainly do this on your own, but in my experience, having a coach ask targeted questions about these details can really get your creative juices flowing and help you find that elusive sweet spot.  It is truly amazing how much more concrete our plans can become with the help of an experienced question-asker (a/k/a coach).

One thing that is very important about goal-setting is actually writing them down, sort of like giving them a voice.  Myths about Harvard and Yale studies that supposedly prove the writing-down factor have been floating around for awhile and many big-time coaches tout their validity.  They are probably just urban legends but one thing is very probably true:  the more you repeat a goal to yourself, whether on paper or out loud or in your mind and heart, the more real it becomes.  It is really that simple.

With that in mind, the final phase of my Goal-Setting Session with you includes my written summary and guide for your goals, based on our 90 minute conversation.  It is kind of like a short story about your life in 2012, starring you, all about you and your accomplishments to come.  Just imagine reading this every night before falling asleep, programming yourself, no, willing yourself to make it all happen.  It is a virtual road map of your plans and possibilities.

How can you lose??  Change, even the planning stages of that change, is einfach (plainly and simply) GOOD.