Creating Connections

For the whole month of September, we have been talking about creativity and dreams for speaking and success. Those things that fuel the imagination and keep us motivated. The means and the results. Now that we're approaching the end of September AND the end of 2013 is less than 100 days away, I am feeling like I don't want to waste any time! Like I really want to zoom in on the important stuff. Especially in light of my partner's challenging current family situation. I want to focus on family, on love, on people, on connections.

Connections, the ties that bind, the glue -- that's the stuff that keeps us going and coming back for more. Take me, for example. Why do I do what I do, working around the clock to help people overcome their fears? Because I love my daughter. That's right. My daughter is my A#1 reason for everything that I do. If it weren't for her existence, I would have curled up into a ball in the corner a long time ago and just given up. True story.

But because of that connection, that responsibility, that LOVE, I have a need and a desire to create and succeed. I want to provide for her and set an example for her. That connection totally rocket fuels me. Every single day.

Part of what I do to meet those goals is make more connections with lots more people. (I think they call that networking, lol...) For the past several years since I moved back to the USA from Germany, I have slowly cultivated a tribe of mostly like-minded people around me. From close friends and immediate family, to friends and relatives, to acquaintances and colleagues, to virtual associates and local people I know by sight. These all constitute my collection of connections. I have cultivated them both online and offline because that is how I organize my business and my life.

Creating and cultivating connections keeps us focused on what's really important in life: People. Without people in our life, we are, well, alone. People make life worth living. Being alone is no good for our business life nor our social life!

There is nothing on this Earth quite like the satisfaction I feel when I know I've hit the sweet spot with a connection. Like today. Today, I spent two glorious hours on the phone ***in my PJs*** with my joint venture partner, Angel Quintana, brainstorming on a super juicy cool project we are creating together, launching in early 2014. It was magical! And get this: We have never even met in person. Yet! We have only ever seen each other on Skype, maybe once. The rest has been telephone talk and Facebook messaging. Do we care?? Not one bit. We've created a connection between us that sparks our imaginations and works for us both.


Or like last week, when I met a whole bunch of my boyfriend Marc's family members for the very first time, in a very sad situation during funeral services for his only brother. Over twenty years ago, his late brother had a daughter but due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, she had no connection with his side of the family until last week. Since then, we are now in close touch with Marc's niece, a new and very special connection. I also found new connections with two of Marc's oldest friends as well as his mother and her longtime partner. Creating connections throughout the week gave this difficult, emotional time a much appreciated, bright silver lining.

How can you create more connections in your life or for your business? Do you practice networking? Do you belong to a group that does stuff that you like doing? Do you regularly keep in touch with your connections via telephone, Skype, email or snail mail? Is there a connection you would like to rekindle?

Don't wait. Reach out.