DISown Your Plan B

What's your Plan B?

You know, that plan that's your backup plan in case the thing you really love doing doesn't work out. In case you fail. In case you run out of money before you start making money doing what you love. In case of failure.

That plan. You know the one.

OMG did you hear that?? UGH that's like a dirty word, failure! Who says that??

Oh right, people who don't succeed say that. They talk about failure as a possibility ALL. THE. TIME.

Here's what I have to say: FORGET ABOUT PLAN B.

If you always pad your fall with something to fall back on, guess what -- you will always fall back on it. You will always fall.

If, however, you flip your thinking around and instead think about that so called Plan B -- that so called salvation once you fail at doing the thing you really want to do -- as your support, as part of your master plan, then you will be on your way to success.

Think of it this way: Instead of hating the drudgery of your day job, decide to think of it as your silent partner, as your main investor in your business... And then, work on your exit strategy!

Seriously. Make your passion your main priority in your mind. Then make everything else (work related) secondary. 

Just decide.

That's all it takes, making a decision. Decide on your perspective. Drudgery or investment?...

If you decide to choose drudgery, well then... That's your choice.

If however, you choose investment, then I have one further suggestion. Take very good care of your investors. Investor relations (a/k/a good karma at your day job) is KEY to your success. Investor relations can make or break your success until the time comes that you have collected enough extra cash and clients to go it alone.

And then, my friend, it's time to present that exit strategy I mentioned earlier... 


Do you have a silent investor in your business? How are you treating your investor? Have you crafted an exit strategy for your investor? 

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