Dream, Dream, Dream

Without a dream, your art is just dead in the water. Are you spending any time daydreaming? Do you dream about the work you create before you create it? Do you dream of your success before it happens?

Without our dreams, we have no motivation to keep moving forward. Dreams are like beloved children, we need to give them love, protection, nurturing, nourishment and finally, wings to fly.

There you are in this sea of millions of other creative souls, with millions of others creating similarly to you but not exactly because you're YOU, we are all unique. In that sea of other Artists, you can either decide to create a place for yourself in a supportive community OR decide that you're swimming in a ginormous shark pool where competition and survival of the fittest prevail.

When you dream, do you dream of finding your place in that wonderfully supportive ecosystem? Or do you dream of becoming the big alpha in the ginormous shark pool?

You get to choose. Which sounds better to you?

Here's what I choose: Ecosystem.

Yeah, I'm all about The Creative Revolution as an ecosystem. Right now, most of us think we can either be the starving artist (I refuse to capitalize that moniker), or the rich and famous cause celebre. Let me ask you this: What about all that juicy amazingness in between?? 

What about the actors on Broadway who are super well known for their incredible talents within their circles but just because they don't get film roles, they're not household names? (I just interviewed one of these!)

How about the crazeballs talented musicians who make a great living playing the local circuits but because they're committed to being great parents, they're not out on the road building their fan base? (I know a few very well!)

Don't forget the dedicated, supertalented fine Artists who work on their paintings, drawings, sculptures and more daily for the sheer joy of the work, who share their gifts through teaching classes or showing at galleries? (That's you, right??)

And what about the writers who hone their craft by writing regular blogs, self publishing their books, teaching students how to create their own work, writing for all kinds of media because that's who they are? (Oh wait, that's me! lol)

Point: Your dreams can include more than one goal. Your dreams can be multi-talented. Your dreams can simply pay the bills! No need for mega stardom. Mega stardom is no cakewalk, it comes with its own bundle of challenges. But hey, if that's what you want, go for it!

Here's a tip: When you dream, be very very specific about what you ask for. Do you want mega stardom and parenthood and a wonderful relationship with your partner and a home near your parents? That's awesome, go for it!

Alternatively, your greatest dream might be to work on your art full time, to pay all of your bills comfortably plus have some for extras like a beach retreat, just from your art. GREAT! Go for it!

On the other hand, you might dream of taking your art international, so you can travel as part of your work. Dream away, my friend! Be very specific.

And don't worry about the HOW part. Just dream. Grow those wings and start flying!

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