Escape the Frozen Tundra

True confession: I have had a totally sucky winter this year. I mean, I'm considering writing the script for a new (dark) musical called, Escape the Frozen Tundra. Okay I admit, the title needs work but the ice dancing numbers will be sooo cool... Seriously though, I am not one to complain but man! I might need treatment for Seasonal Affective Disorder this year! These snowy cold grey blahs have really clenched my brain in an icy grip. Once Downton Abbey was over it was all over for me. And so now here I sit, frozen.

frozendanceLet it go, let it go... I can hear you singing, I mean, telling me... Well, I am certainly working on it. And let's be real here, my life is really pretty good. All the basics are in place. Plus, I just finished choreographing a fabutastical musical revue that has completely sold out! I've also booked tickets for a trip to sunny Florida to see my man. And I'm about to take my business into the coolest new direction EVER... #artbizrevo

So what's my problem, right?? What the FUNK, right??? I mean, I keep writing about how to unfunkify yourself and how to beat the blues and love yourself, right?? Here's the thing: I truly believe that it's important for me to walk my talk, so whenever I'm going through something, I take you all along for the ride. Fun, right??

Well, right now I am definitely going through something. I am not exactly sure what it is. I am not exactly sure where it's going to lead me. I don't even really know how to describe it. I've read some posts and blogs by some of my coaching friends who have said they are going through similar funky things and feeling alternately detached, overwhelmed, disconnected, dissatisfied, discontented, impatient, restless and just plain tired. Me, I'm all of the above PLUS very UNcomfortably numb. Are you feeling me? Are you feeling anything similar?

Maybe it's the current planetary influences, maybe it's just the sucky freaking winter blahs... All I know is that change it IS a comin'. I'm feeling wings just below the surface, ready to sprout. Just like spring changes the whole landscape when winter ends. Just like the brave crocus pushes up through the snow. Just like the phoenix rises from the ashes.

But for right now, I'm still wallowing in the ashes. Not quite risen yet. The worst part of change is the part just before the change, when you can feel the necessity of it but you can't figure out what exactly needs to change, or how. It's that phase when all kinds of crazy sh!z shows up from your past in one form or another, boom boom boom and you're like, are you KIDDING me, AGAIN?? Haven't I been here before, learned this lesson already?

Apparently not. Or maybe, just maybe this funky freaking nasty ash winter descended upon us to give us pause. Pause to reconsider and reevaluate.

Sometimes the icky dissatisfied feelings are a good sign, like growth after an illness. Ever notice how kids grow like weeds after they've had a bad cold or flu? Or how refreshed and ready you feel after getting over a cold yourself? It's like you've taken the time to slow down, recuperate and regroup. And now you can move on with verve.

As for me, I've experienced more than one of these icky phases since last fall. I'm ready to be through it and over it! Transformation is afoot... Are you with me?... Watch us rise...


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