We are in the thick of it, peeps. End of the year, holiday crazed, shopping til dropping madness. Fun and stressful all at once! I'm not here to lament our First World woes but rather to suggest a way for you to put the madness on hold and maybe even escape it for a bit. Interested? 

Thought so. 

I have two tips for you.

Often. Deeply. With purpose. Clear your head with fresh oxygen. Do this whenever the madness starts to heat up and get loud.

Think about your plan, your goals and dreams, as often as possible. Write them down. Rewrite them. Play around with mind maps (Google that) and vision boards (that, too). Think about your WHAT and your WHY. Play with the possibilities. Work on your plan.

These two points will help you unplug, refresh yourself for the next round and tank your motivation for the New Year.

You got this!

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