Expert Status!

My brain is reeling right now!!!  I am thrilled and humbled to be included on the panel of experts for my friend Kerry Swetmon's new venture, Life Business Growth.  Some of the other experts on this panel are GIANTS among coaches, including my business coach Ali Brown, who appeared on ABC's show, Secret Millionaire in the spring of 2011.  My inclusion on the list with her means a HUGE boost for my business and for my own confidence!  Funny how that cycle works... It's funny because not very long ago, I was still searching for the best way to help people with my coaching skills.  My first efforts focused on change and happiness, as some of you may recall.  Then I thought about focusing on helping women deal with the upheaval of divorce (I had a bit of experience with that particular situation...).  Later, I also considered concentrating on helping theater people with creativity and confidence issues.  A further focus involved helping women deal with the aftermath and low self esteem of controlling and abusive relationships.

These concentrations are all big parts of my experience and inform my services, no doubt about it.  However, I finally realized that teaching confidence really gets to the heart of what I do and what I have done for my Self.

Now, I finally understand that helping women in any situation to build their courage, grow their confidence and tap their inner charisma is what I do best.  And BAM! once I realized that, it was like this was truly what I was born to do.  Here I go swearing again, but I swear to you, as soon as I made that concrete decision, more and more opportunities started filling my box.  Wait, that's the Law of Attraction at work, right??  Yep.

My friend Kerry is also the real deal, with rock star business experience in helping entrepreneurs to succeed and thrive.  Check the site for more details and read her intro below.  I am so thankful and excited to be a part of this cutting edge venture!  Look for my profile under the "Life" categories of Law of Attraction, Love/Relationships and Personal Growth.

The “Whole Approach”

So, what is the “Whole Approach” to business? 

The “Whole Approach” refers to the way we, as women, thrive in business.  It is a holistic movement toward owning a business, nourishing your soul, living your purpose and creating a life you love!

I designed Life♦Business♦Growth™ as a result of my own journey through entrepreneurship.

Ironically, 15 years of being a successful Small Business Strategist didn’t guarantee my own success at owning a Small Business.   

Not even close!  The first business I started was a pipe company…As in cast iron pipe.  WTF?  Without going into too much detail, I did, at one point, many years ago, work for a plumbing supplier, so I do know a thing or two about pipe.  However, I started the business because I saw a way to make money.  Or, at least, I THOUGHT I saw a way to make money.  Apparently, not so much!  Through a series of obstacles and big red flashing lights, I tried and tried to get that thing off the ground.  It didn’t work.  So, a few years later, I started another business.  This business is successful and I’m very proud of it but I still felt as though something was missing.  I knew I was meant for more.

I was distraught and couldn’t understand how I could lead so many other Small Businesses from stagnant or failing to thriving, yet continue to feel frustrated in my own business.

So I began a deep exploration.  I began asking questions of myself.  And I hired an amazing coach.  What I learned was this: helping Small Businesses is my purpose.  It’s what provides me true fulfillment.  And, as long as I listen to that inner guidance, my entire life (and income) continues to improve. My exploration revealed that if I were going to be an entrepreneur and live my purpose, I needed to own a business that helped Small Businesses!

You must use your business as an expression of yourself.  This is the key to gaining freedom and money.   

The more yoKerry Swetmon, Creator of Life Business Growthu truly comprehend, nurture and connect to your true, greatest Self, the more easily you evolve into your true, greatest purpose.

This is the mission of Life¨Business¨Growth™.  This is the crossroads.

I invite you to see what is possible.

Learn from the women who have gone before you.

I’ve made it my mission to help women entrepreneurs everywhere reach their own true potential in business and in life.

I want you to feel balanced and full.

Here’s to Your Life¨Business¨Growth™

 Kerry Swetmon