Fake It Till You Make It

Many of you already know that I love to choreograph for theater and I am currently working on my all time fave musical, "Cabaret".  This week, I am stitching together the moves for "Mein Herr", a song that appeared in the film and recent stage revivals. The reason I mention it here is because the leading lady, Sally Bowles deals with a classic case of "fake it till you make it".  (Unfortunately, she never really makes it...)  She tries very hard to come across as the most ultra-confident person on the planet in order to hide a lot of pain, but never really deals with that pain.  "Mein Herr" provides a fabulous vehicle for her to vent all of her insecurities, fears and aggression without showing any vulnerability and without really dealing with any of those emotions -- it's the perfect mix for her!  PLUS it's a super hot catchy tune. ;-)

Take a look at it here and then tell me what you think: