Filled with Confidence

Abundance shows up in our lives in many different ways. It’s not always about money, food or material things. Sometimes, wealth shows up through the richness of our friendships, the love in our families or the opportunities we receive for creating something new. Other times, it appears within our Self.

This abundance shows up as the fullness of confidence that infuses your body with peace, light and happiness.

Example: Let’s say you find the courage to start running three times a week. After a couple of weeks, you start to notice your body accomplishing this task with greater ease. You can run longer, maybe faster each week. You don’t feel out of breath as quickly. Your body tightens up and your clothes feel looser. You might even start to like your Self, your body, a teensy bit more than before.

This process marks the beginning of increased confidence, sort of like planting a seed. You can feel that tiny seed as it rests in the center of your body and starts to expand. Soon it fills you up even more, reaching out to your limbs, straightening your back, lifting your chin, putting a smile on your face and a spark in your step. It keeps you motivated and fills you with a warm glow.

When you feel good like this, it shows in your body. Other people notice your smile, the spring in your step, your upright posture. You probably develop a firm handshake, too. Others start returning that confident, positive body language, giving you reciprocal respect, attention and connection. You feel filled, content.

This is the fullness, the abundance of confidence that I wish for you and want you to experience.

As your Confidence Coach, I can tell you that the best way to achieve this feeling is to take that first step, then the second step and so on. Put one foot in front of the other. Fill your Self with confidence by taking small risks with tiny actions each day.

Vow to be your Self. If you are the shy girl afraid to speak up, find ways to step outside of your shell and open your mouth, regularly. Take a drama class or join Toastmasters and start talking. Take a martial arts class that forces you to vocalize and defend your Self. Take yoga or dance classes to feel your body move and connect with it.

You can be young or old, single or attached, an executive or a mom – none of it matters if you aren’t being YOU. If you don’t allow your Self expression, confidence will elude you. If you don’t open your mouth and stand up for your Self, who will?

Your voice is your single most valuable tool in the quest for confidence. Use that voice and watch the shy invisible person you USED to be, the one always afraid to speak up for fear of saying the wrong thing, disappear. The more you use your voice, the stronger and clearer it gets. The more you hear your OWN strong voice speak your own words, the more confidence you gain. That confidence will help you feel like you can do anything, be anyone you want. You will feel like you are filled with sunshine.

Don’t be afraid to show people the REAL you. The abundance of YOU can fill you up with so many positive thoughts and feelings! In turn, those good thoughts and feelings bring more wonderful events, opportunities, people and feelings into your life. Abundance begets abundance. Put your Self at the beginning of that equation and reap the rewards.

So. How do you break out of your scared old rut and start taking action? When my clients ask me this question, I give them these suggestions. These steps will kickstart you on the journey to a more confident YOU:


1) Get busy!

Don’t stay stuck. Take steps. Baby steps at first, then bigger and higher. Each step grows your courage, which is the foundation of your confidence.

2) Get risky!

You can totally do this. No matter how scared you are, push on and don’t look back. Watch your steps turn into hills and then mountains crossed. As your accomplishments pile up, feel your fabulousness. Let it fill you up with happy feelings.

3) Get real!

Be who you REALLY are. Authentic. You and only you. How many ways can I say it? Plain and simple: Be.Your.Self.


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As previously published in SoulWoman Sanctuary eMagazine, November 2012,