Fresh Start

Thanks and glory be to all the powers that be, September is finally behind us!!! Have I already said that??? Whew, what a month. With the change of seasons, all kinds of good stuff starts happening, doesn’t it. As long as we clear out the old and make room for the new, all of that good new stuff has a place to live. One of my fave clients just talked about that very thing, how taking the time to clear her work space and put her creative projects in order has really opened up some positive new perspectives and opportunities for her — both in her business and her life. When we focus on the things we want to grow — like our confidence and our creative energy — those are the things that do grow.

One of the best quotes I read this week was this: Worrying is like praying for the things you don’t want to happen.

Amen to that. Quit worrying and focus on the good stuff. It will grow, trust me.

As I sat down to write this week’s ezine, I thought about the fact that this is my 53rd one and that 2013 begins in less than three months.

I also thought about all of the changes I have put into place for my Self and my coaching practice so far this year, especially the launch of my new website.

Have I mentioned my new website?… =)

While I was pondering all of this great new stuff, I realized that what I’ve really created for my Self is yet another Fresh Start. And I LOVE Fresh Starts, they’re kind of my thing.

Once upon a time, my big Fresh Start was the big bold move of moving across the ocean to Europe for love. I moved to Germany, where I didn’t yet speak the language. And I moved to a city that was three hours’ drive away from the guy I had moved across the ocean for. But it was all in the spirit of adventure and I was all for that back then.

Funny enough, when I think back on those days, it seems like I thought about that move for all of five minutes. There was no resistance there AT ALL.

A more recent Fresh Start involved moving back to Cape Cod from Germany, after living there for close to two decades and deciding to split from that long ago love that I had married in a far off land. For a while, after I returned to the USA, I really felt like an expat in my own country! Now, I’ve been back for five years — today! — and I know that it was one of the best moves I ever made. Also one of the hardest! But certainly one of the best, for my Self and especially for my daughter.

But oh boy oh boy, did I resist THAT move!!! That move took me two years to decide on. I just did not want to leave behind all of the things and friends I’d collected during those almost 20 years. However, sometimes the thing we need most is the thing we resist the most. And as they say, what we resist, persists. So, move back home I did.

Now, my latest Fresh Start sees me completely revamping my coaching practice. So far I have focused on helping women to build courage and confidence, both very important and both very near and dear to my heart. Courage is key, because without it how can you move forward each day? Get out of bed and do it all again each day?? Right??

And how about confidence? Well. I know first hand that without confidence, you are basically dead in the water. That is exactly how it feels without confidence, isn’t it. Like you’re floating face down in the middle of a big lake, with no help in sight. Confidence is so key to every kind of success in life. I love helping my clients boost confidence in all areas: Relationship, career, business, parenting, friendship, creativity… there are so many facets to our personalities that can benefit from a boost of confidence.

And now, I also include that vital piece about tapping into your charisma, your chutzpah, your sex appeal, your SIZZLE, as I like to call it. THAT is the fun part, the juice and the party in a handbag!!! THAT is the part that keeps you vibrant and alive and happy to get out of bed every morning. THAT is how you keep your relationship with your partner alive and exciting. And THAT is how you keep your relationship with YOUR SELF alive and pulsating. THAT is the only way to live — to do whatever you can to make sure that you are truly ALIVE.

So I’m celebrating my latest Fresh Start by announcing my fresh and sassy new website (that’s, just in case you missed it…) and offering my super hot Power Hour at a super crazy discounted price of $47 — but only for my loyal eZine readers and only for a limited time.

How about you? Are you going for a Fresh Start right now, so you can finish the year out strong? Are you going to follow the winds of the changing season and get your Self some clarity?

Don’t wait. Before you know it, the year will be over. And then, it will be time for yet another Fresh Start.