Thank Full

Last November, I picked up a thread on Facebook regarding gratitude and thankfulness.  The thread suggested posting one thing I was thankful for every day during the entire month of November. So I did.

Trust me, I wasn't completely convinced that it would make any difference at all.  But I'd had such a crap month of October 2011 that I was ready to give it a whirl.  Believe it or not, that one simple act every day completely transformed my thinking, my feelings and my life.  Immediately.  Tangibly.  It was amazing!

Right away, new and different opportunities started knocking at my door:

1) Go Big! Coach Kristen Howe starting talking with me about ways we might work together.  Thankfully, that was the very beginning of my new expert status with her. =)

2) The local theater I now work with regularly offered me the choreography position for the winter 2012 show, Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris.  I accepted and made incredible new friends during that box office record-busting show.  Thankfully, I have continued choreographing there, most recently for the summer 2012 production of Cabaret.  Have I mentioned how much fun I had working on Cabaret??  TONS.

3) A local radio show host and friend offered to interview me on the topic of goal setting for the New Year 2012, my second time with them (which thankfully led to my third interview, coming up on December 29th).

November 2011 also marked the beginning of my mindset shift from lack to abundance.  In other words, I started thinking about my wealth and money more positively.  I stopped worrying about how much I didn't have and focused instead on how much I actually did have.  And I paid more attention to what I was creating and earning from all the new opportunities coming my way instead of lamenting the ones that had gotten away.  Thankfully, this new mindset has continued to grow ever since; as a result, so has my abundance, in so many ways!

Soon after the end of November, another opportunity arrived to join a new online business learning community.  In mid December, I joined Ali Brown's Elevate class and have never regretted a single moment or dollar spent on it.  In fact, I recently signed on for Year Two, full of excitement for where the next 12 months of learning and networking within that WOW community of women will take me.

This fullness of thanks and gratitude has filled me up all year long.  Truth:  The more I say thank you, the more good things come to me.  The more I love my life, the better it gets.  The more I give, the more I get back.  It's not always immediately apparent, but it always happens.  Because I KNOW it's going to happen.  It always happens, so I know it will happen again.  And again.  And again.

Saying thank you -- to whomever you choose, be it God or the Universe or your banker or your Mommy -- is the best cure for all kinds of what ails you.  Try it.

Now that it's November again, I am most definitely saying thank you.  Out loud.  Online.  Every day.  I've already started giving thanks on Facebook.  I call the things I'm grateful for my "Gratitudes" (thanks to my FB peeps for approving my new word!).  I've also promised to give a gift at month's end (not telling what it is yet...) to the FB fan with the best story about how expressing gratitude this month changed her/his life.  Want to play, too?  Just like my page and post your own Gratitudes!

Need a kick start with your own Gratitudes?  Book a Spark Session with me.  Done and done.