Last week, when I asked you this:

What if playing were the same as making money?... What if having fun doing what you love all day were the WAY you made your money?

and said THAT is what we are all aiming for, that intersection of playing and loving what you're doing and the influx of CASH...


I realized that there is a formula to this intersection, and I named it

The Passion to Income Equation.

The Holy Grail, right? Right. More on that in an upcoming post...

For now, let me ask you another question:

When was the last time you played?

I mean, really down and dirty played, dance till you drop played, bellylaughed till your belly hurt PLAYED?

Raise your hand if you can remember the last time!!

ME! I can!!

Hell yeah I danced till I dropped very recently, had tons of laughs in Ireland and Palm Springs this spring, downloaded a cool coloring app called Colorfy that I use regularly and I'm about to dance till I drop again tomorrow night at my fave theatre's annual fundraising bash.

How about you? Can you name at least three recent events that you'd hashtag #funtimes?

Here's my challenge:

Send me your top three! Reply to this email with your short list and I'll send you a surprise!

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