Getting Off the Struggle Bus

I can't believe we are already looking at the end of the year, coming up so fast! This fall sped past me like lightning, mostly spent in dance rehearsals for my super successful Cape Cod Dance Expo I produced last month. What a great event!! With close to 100 performers from 15 different dance groups and studios participating, we all had a blast and made so many new friends. I'm already planning the follow up event...

Meanwhile, the rest of my life waited on hold, including my regular newsletters and blog posts. TBH, after spending so much time dancing this year, I've been rethinking and marinating a couple of new ideas. Then today, I had a long convo with a supersmart close friend of mine and during the course of our chat, I realized a couple of very big things:

ONE: Dance has returned to my life with a BAM! and MUST remain a permanent, regular part of my universe. Yes, the Universe finally sent me snapshots of how to integrate dance -- my first love, my main passion -- into my business and there it will stay. Notes on how that looks coming soon.

TWO: Bringing performers together makes me very very happy. Helping performers to feel secure and confident onstage is extremely satisfying work for me. Performing Artists are my main people. I am a performer. I work for and with performers. I get performers. Performers, you are my peeps. Obvi, right?? Right.

THREE: For the first time in six years, I am NOT spending my holidays chasing projects for next year -- this is a good thing, because I already have work lined up for 2017. THIS IS BIG! After spending the past several years in build mode, my business is no longer on the struggle bus!! We are now in the passing lane!! Tag me tickled.

Wait, what?? You didn't know about my struggle bus time??

Well, I admit things usually look pretty peachy here at The Creative Revolution HQ because I LOVE what I do. Plus, I'm not really into complaining AND negativity is my kryptonite. So even when the going got rough, when there weren't a gaggle of artists knocking down my door to pay for my coaching expertise, when I gained a bunch of weight after knee surgery and felt less than svelte, when I was so overworked and overwhelmed I thought I might drown, when I jumped into projects with both feet and found myself in waaay over my head -- I just kept pushing on through and somehow, kept finding the moto and inspo to stay positive. 

Call me crazy, I know. Hey, I'm a stoic, a survivor, a still waters run deep kind of gal.

Listen, I'm not spilling all this tea just because I'm looking for sympathy. Just the opposite. I want you to know that I know all about the struggle bus and I understand how rough it is to be on it.

I get that working your ass off doing what you love and following your passion -- even when the rewards are slow and low -- can be a real effing drag some days.  

But I also want you to know that even though I've spent YEARS on that damned bus, I finally yanked on the cord so hard that it finally stopped to let me off at the place I really want to be.

You know what? YOU can do the same thing.

You don't have to give up on your dreams. 

You can get off the struggle bus, too. You just have to take some BIG risks, jump on a few BOLD opportunities, DARE to FAIL like a major player.

You know it's true -- all the big names out there have stories of the huge leaps they took when they were still unknown, leaps that catapulted them OFF the struggle bus and into the stratosphere.

Here at The Creative Revolution, I've helped dozens of clients to make bold leaps, take big risks and reap even bigger rewards. As a result, they've landed coverage on, Oprah magazine and more.

Here's one more confession: I'm a serial risk taker. For real! Ever since I can remember, I've reached beyond the normal bar and above the expected mark for something more. From going away to school in Washington, DC to living abroad in Germany, from always going after what I want to starting my own revolution -- I've pushed out of my comfort zone so many times that it's not even considered a zone anymore! Sometimes, the results were less than stellar, but I've always taken away incredible lessons and experiences that have allowed me to level up in the most badassed ways. And there are always new challenges at the next level.

Before this tea goes cold, I'll let you in on a little secret I'm cooking up... I'm currently putting together a brand new video training series that will help you breakthrough your walls and shatter your glass ceilings to get you leveling up like the badass major player I KNOW you are! 

It's coming soon to an inbox near you...

Meanwhile, ask me anything! I'd love to feature your questions on my Ask Ringleader Pam page! Just hit reply and we're rolling!

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