Goodbye 2017!

This was such a tough year, amiright?? 

Not just for me, but for lots of us. It’s been a wild ride for sure. 

That’s why I’ve spent a few hours this past week planning for a highly prioritized and focused 2018. And I made a few decisions. 

First and foremost :: 
My focus for 2018 is JOY, in everything I do.

Second ::
My priorities for 2018 most definitely include finding more and better ways to help you overcome obstacles and challenges with courage and confidence. I’m even starting a podcast to help deliver that content to you.

In the new year and beyond, I hope you’ll join me in my quest for joy.

I hope you’ll join me in getting super clear on what we want - and definitely don’t want - from life.

Join me in remembering how incredibly strong, resilient and courageous we can be.

Join me in committing to practicing compassion for ourselves and others.

In committing to practicing RADICAL SELF CARE.

Join me in promising to follow our hearts and our passions more often, more fully, every day.

Join me in practicing daily gratitude for soso much that we already are lucky enough to possess.

Join me in committing to always be learning, always be growing, never allowing ourselves to get stuck and fossilize.

Join me in moving our lives forward in the most positive ways we can right now, with what we’ve got right now.

Every. Damn. Day!

Let’s do this.

Look out 2018, here we come!!

xo Ringleader Pam


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