Happiness and change

Happiness and change, change and happiness... What's it all about, anyway? Tell me something:  Why does the word "CHANGE" strike so much fear and dread in the hearts and minds of so many otherwise confident people?  Why does it send so many intelligent, active adults scurrying for the exit signs as quickly as possible?  What is the big deal, anyway??

Well, having put myself through a gamut of changes over the years -- some very recently -- I can tell you firsthand that change definitely does shake things up!  For many people, change is a very big, very hairy, very scary deal.  Fear of the unknown is a huge part of our fear of change.  When we know what to expect -- even if we HATE what's coming -- we tend to feel safer and more comfortable.  The devil you know is better than the devil you don't know, right?

But staying safe and comfortable does not necessarily bring passion, freedom or happiness to your life.  Wait a minute ... HAPPINESS???  What is THAT???

So many people say that happiness is a state of mind, not a place.  Or that it's a right NOW kind of thing.  A way of life.  Not something you can buy, or copy, or find.  You have to just BE happy.

Well, I don't know about you, but whenever I read this I always want to just SCREAM!  "Just BE happy", yeah that sounds all very nice and fine but how the BLEEP are we supposed to just BE happy???  When the roof needs repairing and the car needs new tires and the kid needs braces and the partner isn't pitching in with the housework and the boss is on the warpath and the dog is running away all the time and -- STOP the madness!  How do we get off this crazy thing, anyway???

Here's my prescription for getting back on the road to sanity, at the very least: CHANGE!  You know that old expression, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it', right?  Well I say, turn that saying on its head: If it isn't working, CHANGE it!


Happiness = Change and Change = Happiness

Don't believe me?

Try this:

You're still stuck in your dead-end job after too many years, hating your boring work / crazy boss / negative co-workers / depressing view of the parking lot / life in general.  Now... don't change a thing.  Keep on going to work there like that every day.  Expect to wake up happy every morning.  Expect to come home to your family in a good mood every night...


... Can't do it, can you.  Thought so.  =(

Now, try this instead:

Same scenario, same life-hating life.  Got the picture?  Okay.  Now, CHANGE it up!  That's right, do something different.  Be nice to your negative co-workers.  Hang pictures of your favorite destinations on that window without a decent view.  Give your boss a small token of appreciation for giving you a regular paycheck (even if that token is just a mysterious smile).  Start looking for a new job!

Yes, these actions may seem strange, nerve-wracking, maybe even a little bit scary.  But I guarantee you, the end result will be YOU.  SMILING.  MORE.  =)

Maybe you won't LOVE life instantaneously.  But you sure will be one step closer to happy than you were yesterday.  And maybe, just maybe you will gain some confidence to help you make even more changes on the road to... scratch that, no road!  Happiness is not a place!... More changes within yourself to help you just BE happy.