Have You Tried Masterminding?

When you surround yourself with other successful people, you naturally become better and smarter as a creative business entrepreneur (that's YOU, performing artist!).

One of the top ways to achieve this is through participating in mastermind peer groups. A mastermind is simply a group of several like-minded people who get together on a regular basis to talk about their projects and goals. 

If you currently don't have the right five people around you to help you level up your career (hint: you become like the five people you spend the most time with) AND you're dying to work with a mentor/career coach but can't afford the fees right now, then masterminding is perfect for you! 

And if masterminding is perfect for you, then The Guild is the perfect community for you to get it!

THE GUILD :: a forum exclusively for fearless performers that offers dedicated support and attention for your career challenges; helps you to overcome negativity and doubt with community support of like-minded performing artists; gives you the risk-taking, glass-shattering tools you need to uplevel your career and gain a wider audience; provides monthly access to me during live mastermind calls for answers to your most challenging career questions; is your best weapon for gaining new confidence, new gigs and new fans; AND at just $19/month ~ less than your coffee habit, let's be real ~ gives you incredible bang for your buck!

Check it here: www.pamelacwills.com/guild

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