Hit Pause

Sometimes, the most important thing to do is NOTHING.

Here in the Northeast USA, we just got walloped with a huge reminder that we are not always in charge. Blizzard Juno 2015 forced us to hunker down and sit tight until the storm finished raging and blew over. It lasted about 36 hours here on Cape Cod and left most of us trapped inside, or at least at home, looking forlornly at the huge drifts of snow covering our driveways, walkways, front doors and cars, all needing to be shoveled and/or plowed.

Took me two hours to dig my car out from under about 30 inches of the fluffy white stuff.

In the face of all this nature, we all had to stop in our tracks and deal with the immediate situation. Which meant, at the height of the storm, just sitting and doing nothing. 

Sure, we read, watched TV, played on social media and maybe got a few odds and ends done. But the possibility of losing power kept me (and probably a few others) from getting too involved in complicated tasks requiring electricity. Like doing laundry.

Losing power, like so many of us did two years ago during Blizzard Nemo slows us down even further. In that situation, our main focus is keeping warm. It's pure survival mode.

But you know what? Slowing down, stopping and just doing nothing is not such a bad thing. It gives us time to hit pause and think about stuff. Like where we're going, where we've been, what we want. Goals and dreams. All that juicy stuff we think about around New Year's.

Though I'm no fan of blizzards by any means, I've decided it was really good to have a really good reason to hit pause this week. Now I'm ready to play again!!

How about you, are you ready to hit play? If not, maybe you need a little pause time. Click here to pick a time for us to have a chat about how you can move from pause to play and start making money with your talent. 

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