Hold Onto That Feeling

One of my fave tunes from the 80s came up at my daughter's school talent show last night (which she ROCKED as Director and Emcee!): "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey. YES!!! It is a great tune!! You know you're already humming it now.

That song totally summed up the feeling and the energy at that talent show last night and highlighted how much those kids all believe in themselves as Artists. It didn't matter whether they could sing like rock stars, they just got up and dealt with the scary adrenaline rush and DID IT! 

Belief in themselves was the fuel that drove every single one of those almost 30 acts to get up and perform in front of their peers and families. I was blown away not just by the talent but also by the sheer chutzpah that each and every one of them displayed.

That show reminded me that we ALL need a little dose of chutzpah now and then, amiright??

Here you go...


(Throwing waaay back to the original here... be prepared for a major dose of 80s!!)

Happy Weekend!!

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