How I Went from Waitress to Ringleader

I used to be a waitress.

Yes, it's true.

It wasn't very long ago, either.

Even though I always had big dreams, it took me awhile -- a LONG while -- to figure out how to achieve them.

Growing up, I had always had big dreams to be a dancer, choreographer and writer. Sometimes, I even made attempts at pursuing those dreams. I've jumped into challenges both feet first on many occasions, with mixed results. And I've taken lots of side jobs along the way, many times as a waitress.

Kind of like the lead girl in that Broadway show "Waitress", where her exit strategy is winning a pie contest and in the end, she figures out that the missing secret ingredient had always been courage!

Sure, I've been courageous lots of times, like when I went away to college (Georgetown University in Washington, DC), or when I moved across the ocean to Germany for a guy even though I didn't speak the language yet (and lived there for almost 20 years) and then when I finally decided to end that difficult marriage and move back across the pond with my daughter in 2007. Fearless, yeah, that's me.

Funnily enough, when I started coaching others to be more confident onstage a few years ago, I realized that my missing secret ingredient wasn't courage -- it was authenticity.

All of a sudden, BAM! It hit me!! I realized that I had been living in disguise practically my whole life, working at things that didn't really matter to me. As a classic people pleaser, I was doing what other people wanted and expected me to do.

Can you imagine that??

That moment was a major turning point in my life. It pushed me to reassess all of my skills and talents and find a way to merge them into a viable collection of money making activities. It changed my perspective on how I could make a living. In the end, that moment gave me the Ringleader's hat because I knew I had to manage not just my own collection of skills and talents, but also the many different collections that my clients bring to me for help with.

These days, I wear my Ringleader's hat with pride because I know I earned it. I also know that I take my responsibility of helping others manage their own money making talents very very seriously.

It's true, we all have parts of our lives that we want to change. Often, we honestly don't know how to do it. Not very long ago, I had no idea how to go from being a waitress to being a ringleader. I didn't even know that I would choose to call myself Ringleader! All I knew was that I wanted to choose my OWN work on my OWN terms, but I couldn't see how that would be possible until I allowed myself to really be ME. 

Since I did that, I've been connecting on a super positive level with new friends, clients, projects, income, possibilities, opportunities, opportunities, and more opportunities. It is truly amazing how much of a positive magnet I've become since I really became my most authentic SELF -- Ringleader Pam!

Being yourself is the best gift you can give to yourself and others.

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