HOW is it February ALREADY??


I can't believe it's already February, can you?? Where did January rush to?? Raise your hand if you also feel like the first month of 2018 whooshed by in a blur...

Though we were only away for about 9 days, for me the biggest part of January was the trip to NYC my daughter and I took so that she could perform at her college theatre program auditions at NYU Tisch and Juilliard. Wow, what an epic week that was! She's an incredibly confident young woman and I admire her courage and determination soso much. She slayed her performances and felt great about the work she delivered. Two more auditions to go! Then we wait... until sometime during the end of March for the offers to start rolling in!

As for me, I'm super happy to say that not only did I survive our week in the Big Apple, but I actually managed to average about 9,000 steps per day, sometimes even with luggage! Can you believe it?? Of course, this week I've been feeling incredibly exhausted -- wow, I am soooo out of shape!! -- but I managed. We took the subway pretty much everywhere, saw four or five different areas of the city, somehow received free tickets to see the NYC Ballet (Balanchine!) and just really enjoyed our time together. We are so lucky and grateful for all the help we received from family and friends to make it happen financially and logistically.

Now that we're back home, I'm catapulting back into real life! I have to admit, it's a bit daunting to view my brand new life from this juncture, where I'm standing at Point A, looking towards Point B and not entirely sure how to get from one point to the other. Sure, it's exciting to have the chance to re-imagine everything! And I've done a ton of imagining and planning and strategizing over the past months. But somehow, a solid bridge between the two points has not yet materialized... 

Has something like this ever happened to you? If so, I'd love to hear about it! You're among the first to know that I'm launching a podcast very soon, all about overcoming obstacles. It's called Hard Candy: Even Life's Toughest Moments Can Be Sweet and it's gonna be amazing!! Stay tuned...

Meanwhile, since February is my birthday month, I've decided to slash all the prices in my online Emporium for the whole month! Most of the digital/audio items are on sale for just $5 -- including my popular Fight the Fright ebook.

But the juiciest discount is on my private telephone coaching service -- only $50/hr (my top hourly rate is normally $300). That means if you book your hours with me during this month, you can book as many as you like at just $50 -- and use them all year long! 

Take a look at and check the offers, they're pretty sweet! Happy February my friend!

xoxo Ringleader Pam


PS: Thankfully, I've sailed through my initial recovery phase after spending the fall fighting cervical cancer. As you know, I’ve been working hard on new ways to support Celia and myself financially going forward. These next few weeks are critical as our funds have mostly run out and my income has not yet reignited... It would help a ton if we could reach our fundraising goal to get us through this crunch time. Any help you can give would be super amazing and appreciated!! 

Click this link to donate: 

Thank you so much!!


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