How to Charm Lady Luck: The Art of Money, Part 3

All this month, I'm writing about The Art of Money. First, it was The Money BlockNext, it was how to Treat Your Money Like a Work of Art. Today, we're talking about attracting luck.

You've heard of Lady Luck, right? As in that famous song from that famous musical, Guys and Dolls, "Luck be a Lady"... Yeah, that's the dame. The one that everyone thinks is so elusive. Want to know a secret about Lady Luck?

She's shy and sensitive. For real! She prefers careful and considerate treatment. She doesn't relish being badmouthed. She doesn't appreciate complaints. She doesn't associate with haters, either. She is, after all, a lady.

Here's the thing: If you want Lady Luck (and the money that wafts around her like expensive perfume) to hang out with you, you have to treat her right. You have to show her you're worthy of being in her company. Make her want to let you into her inner circle and let you stick around. Show her that you're not just interested, but also a charming companion.

How does one charm that legendary dame? Here are a few tried and tested ideas:

Don't judge or disdain people with money, because y
ou'll never get past the bouncers at the door if you're busy trash talking her wealthy glitterati friends.

Show her that you're genuinely happy for her and for her wealthy friends. Many of them help lots of people with their money. How does your jealousy help you or anyone else, for that matter? 

Expect Lady Luck, her friends and their money to notice YOU and come sit with you because you know you've got what it takes to make them all feel right at home.

You've got the mindset of abundance.

You think PLENTY, not lack.

Think gratitude, not envy.

Generosity, not scarcity and fear.

Practice this mindset every day. Then watch as Lady Luck starts to roll your way. Notice her. Thank her for showing up. Thank her for sticking around and bringing you every last bit of money luck, even the pennies you find on the sidewalk. The more you notice and appreciate her, the more she'll do the same for you.

Then she'll stick with you, baby. 

Next week: Give Your Money a Decent Home: The Art of Money, Part 4.


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