How to Succeed in Business

Hint: You have to actually TRY

Lookout, I feel another rant coming on...

Oh man I talk with far too many Artists who think that creating art is their only responsibility! I mean, can you imagine?? What about the responsibility of bringing the art to the people??

That is a very big very serious responsibility. Not to be taken lightly. Amiright??

The question always comes down to HOW?? I mean, I'm sure you've noticed by now that it's not like, if you make it, they will come. This ain't no field of dreams, peeps, this is the real life! 

Before we start working together, clients often drop little bombshells about how they've had a book published, they're represented at a gallery, they've written songs for major recording Artists, all like it's no big deal. But it's huge! Amazing! Enviable! And thoroughly well deserved as they are all mega talented Artists.

So then, How are sales doing, I usually ask. Any marketing going on? Any PR or social media? Do you talk about those big wins at parties ever?

Almost every time, I hear this: No, not really. I don't like talking about it. That's too scary!

I'm sure you can guess how many times I say this: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, well then...

Listen, I get that many of us are kind of left high and dry on the learning curve when it comes to technology and social media and all that. But there is no excuse for hiding behind your art. There is no excuse for refusing to share your gifts with the world. There is no excuse for letting your fear of judgement get the best of you and keep you from talking about your work.

Am I saying you have to bore people with endless diatribes about your creative process? NO, please no! Am I suggesting that you explain at length the many ways that you've been screwed over by this or that agent or gallery? Are you kidding me, have we MET? No. 

I AM saying that if you want to gain recognition and CASH for your work, you MUST talk about it, put it out there, expose yourself to criticism and praise, accept both, realize the value of your creativity, charge what your work is worth, talk about it talk about it talk about it talk about it (to the rhythm of Funkytown if you please).

Are you with me??


Rant over.

What do you mean, what's Funkytown??? Oh man please do us both a favor and click here to pick a complimentary chat time with me. You need to get out more! ;) 

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