How to Wear 100+ Hats

You know the hats I'm talking about: Spouse, Parent, Child, Sibling... Employee, Entrepreneur, Artist... Friend, Colleague, Yoga Buddy... We all wear so many hats, every day. It's part of what makes life interesting, right??

Compound this interesting life with the fact that each hat seems to hold at least a few little nested hats, like those cute Russian nesting dolls... Adorable in a doll, but somehow kind of exhausting in a hat. Sometimes it feels like there's just not enough room on the old noggin for all those chapeaux... They can get a little heavy.

Let's just consider all the hats we wear as Artist Entrepreneurs:

CEO, check
Creative Director, check
Business Development Director, check
Operations Manager, check
Social Media Manager, check
VP of Human Resources, check
Marketing Manager, check
PR Director, check
Sales Manager, check
Education & Training Expert, check
Accounting & Bookkeeping Manager, check
IT Director, check
Office Manager/Admin, check
Cafeteria Director, check
Health Services Manager, check

Whew! It's no wonder we're exhausted!

Want to know the Secret Formula for keeping all these ArtBiz hats straight?

So do I!! 

Hahaha just kidding.

In fact, I do know the formula, though I admit I'm still working at getting it just right. I'll let you know when that happens... But for now, here's how it works:

1) Decide on your priorities ahead of time
You can divide your priorities up by the hour, the day, the week, month or year. Personally, I like to organize them by week, with a monthly umbrella. I also recommend planning things out before the beginning of each year.

2) Categorize your daily and weekly tasks into manageable blocks of time
Put on your organizing hats, peeps! Here's where us OCD kids tend to shine... But I promise you, anyone can learn this! Here's the plan:

  • Look at your daily and weekly schedule and decide where you have time to complete your tasks.
  • Schedule blocks of time for tasks each day. For instance, wear the Creative hat on Monday, the Operations hat on Tuesday, the Marketing hat on Wednesday, etc. You might not be able to do the same thing on the same day every week (oh gosh probably not!) but at least try to schedule things in blocks.
  • Save the less complicated tasks for later at night, when you're most tired. My late night fave is social media management. 

3) Plug your priorities into your daily and weekly categorized blocks of time
This step is the real key to success. Here's how it works: Say you have to finish writing an article for a deadline next week. Your writing day or block of time is on Saturday afternoons. Therefore, writing and finishing that article is your main piece of business for this Saturday afternoon.

In another example, say you've booked a gig for next month. Ideally, you started promoting that gig at least six weeks in advance, four weeks at the latest. Now, every time you schedule a block of time for marketing, promotions or PR, you hit that gig up. Every time you've scheduled yourself to do social media, you hit that gig up. Every time you're out networking according to your schedule, you talk that gig up. Got two gigs? Talk them both up. 

That's the formula, folks. Decide on your priorities. Categorize your tasks into a schedule. Plug your tasks into the schedule.

BAM! That is how we roll, peeps.


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