How to Write a Press Release

Press releases can make or break your visibility. They are hands down the most cost effective way to get yourself and your work OUT THERE.

You want people to know WHO you are, WHAT you do, WHERE you do it, HOW you do it, maybe even a smidge about WHY you do it.

It's all about the story, people. Your fans and clients want to know about you. Knowing more about you helps them to like and trust you. That's the ticket!

Here's the list to remember, it's just like writing a paper for school:

  • WHO - You, of course! That one's easy.
  • WHAT - The "what" can be pretty much ANYthing newsworthy. Anything you're working on. Anything you've won or joined. New gig, new exhibit, new piece of work, new high level client, new class, new show, new award. Anything! BUT -- NO commercials! Press releases are NOT the place for promotional copy. Pretend you're a newscaster broadcasting the news. Think NEW things, events, launches, openings, etc.
  • WHERE - This is about your own location insomuch as it has to do with where you send your press release. Search out email addresses for editorial desks at newspapers, radio stations, online calendars of events, magazines. Keep a list of local, regional and national media outlets. Send your releases appropriately.
  • HOW and WHY - How is your process and why is your motivation. When it fits into your press release topic, include your own quotes about your creative process and/or your motivation. People eat that stuff up! And editors always love a good story.
  • WHEN and HOW OFTEN - Send out releases whenever you have something to talk about! Got your artwork into a gallery? Write a press release. Booked a gig at a new club? Submit a press release. Speaking at a poetry slam? Release. Here's a little secret: Even past events are newsworthy! Did you get a standing O at a show? Did you sell out of CDs after your gig? Did your publisher do another printing of your book? Did 100+ people show up at your event? Write a press release!

You get the picture. It's all about story. The more you get your story in front of the media, the more chances you have of getting some press!

Does this process sound like the biggest drag on Earth? Book my Done-for-You Promo Services, we will get it done for you in a flash.

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